Blockchain To Optimize and Secure Client Data Information – Part 1

As data becomes increasingly powerful, meaningful and valuable, concerns over its security are on the rise. Indeed, ‘big data’ has become the recent buzz-term to describe the ever-expanding, often-unstructured nature of important information, and has opened extensive discussions over how

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Blockchain to Optimize and Secure Client Data Information – Part 2

Blockchain application in financial data and compliance Blockchain makes the top secured financial transactions controllable The financial services industry is another major area in which client information must be securely protected to prevent market manipulation. At the same time, however, Read More

Blockchain to Optimize and Secure Client Data Information – Part 3

Blockchain-based Enigma system Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, therefore, have developed a guaranteed privacy system based on blockchain, in which data can be stored, verified and shared without ever being revealed to any of the network’s parties. ‘Enigma’,

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Nexussquared Announces Grand Finale for Blockchain Startup Program Inaugural Batch

Nexussquared’s first edition of nexuslab, a virtual blockchain startup program co-organized with Startupbootcamp Fintech, is coming to its end. On July 07, 2016, the nexuslab Festival will mark the grand finale of nexuslab’s inaugural batch, a one-day event that will

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How The UK Government Applies Blockchain in 2016

Blockchain had been widely associated with banks but less frequently associated with governments. This article would open your horizons on the importance of blockchain to the UK Government based on their recently published whitepaper. We will extract key points from

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Gambling industry – How Blockchain Can Make It More Transparent

Following Bitcoin’s significant rise in popularity among the online gambling community, eyes are now turning to its underlying technology, blockchain, which is expected to have a hugely disruptive impact on the industry. With the bulk of gambling globally having moved

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Alex Batlin’s Briefing of Crypto 2.0 Musings – Standards and Reference Data Governance DAO

Last few weeks has seen the rise of The DAO – an organization like no other. Part VC fund of about 170 million USD, part crowdfunding platform, part machine. The machine part is the novel piece of the puzzle – effectively all of

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4 Notable Fintech Events in Europe this June & July

The 4 fintech events in Europe below that you should not miss will celebrate the innovation and disruption in finance. All areas of financial innovation are showcased and the hottest and most innovative & disruptive startups and companies in the area will

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Blockchain to Help Eliminate the Middlemen in the Luxury Industry

Blockchain’s increasing popularity is now being embraced by a wide range of industries. Start-ups are being created by people across the world who have a desire to use blockchain’s revolutionary ledger technology to improve their specialist industry, and to further

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Alex Batlin’s Briefing of Crypto 2.0 Musings – Combining Ricardian and Smart Contracts

Nick Szabo proposed the idea of smart contracts back in 1997 Many kinds of contractual clauses (such as collateral, bonding, delineation of property rights, etc.) can be embedded in the hardware and software we deal with, in such a way

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