IoT Is Just A Technology. Unlock the Value Proposition for Connected Insurance

A few years ago, insurers were busy trying to figure out what IoT was and what it could do. But spotlighting the technology, all too often led to products and services with little customer appeal. The lesson was clear –

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Smart Home, Intelligent Living: The Next Hot Trend Comes To Switzerland

Smart home solutions are increasing in popularity in Switzerland, yet only few consumers are actually using these products, according to a recent study by Smart home, one of the biggest trends in the past few years, promises to make

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Smart Homes: Intelligentes Wohnen, Der nächste Super Trend wird auch in die Schweiz kommen

Smart-Home-Lösungen werden auch in der Schweiz immer beliebter, auch wenn derzeit noch wenige Verbraucher die Produkte für intelligentes Wohnen tatsächlich nutzen, hat eine Umfrage des Immobilienportals ergeben. Smart-Home-Produkte, also vernetzte „intelligente“ Produkte, die unsere Häuser und Wohnungen komfortabler, praktischer

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