3 Reasons to Attend the Upcoming Blockchain for Finance 2018 in Ireland

The term blockchain has evolved tremendously since its infancy, we’d spend time talking about it’s transformational nature and disruptive potential, but we’re sure you’ve heard plenty of it from the blockchain experts that are suddenly coming up from the woodworks.

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World’s Second Biggest Fintech Investor Launches Fund for Fintech Startups

Enterprise Ireland (EI) has launched a new fund that is designed to support promising fintech startup companies from all over the world. The fund is based on an investment strategy that made EI the second biggest fintech backer in the

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Top 15 Fintech Startups In Ireland

Fintech in booming in Ireland as the country shows itself to be a key industry hub in the wake of Brexit, with favorable government initiatives and strategies, a large network of accelerators and the all-important convergence of banks and disruptors

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