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The Swiss National Fintech Team 2018 Convinces New York Investors

The Fintech Venture Leaders have returned from the Big Apple, where they spent an intense week pitching to multi-billion-dollar investors. The US investors were impressed by Switzerland’s demonstrated ability to serve as a nurturing environment for a large variety of

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Robo-Advisor Solution by 3rd-Eyes- CEO Venture Leader Interview Column

Fintech 3rd-eyes offers a robo-advisory solution with improved individualisation and reduced costs, enabling advisers to offer better value to their clients. Founder Rodrigo Amandi told Venturlab about their hopes for the New York roadshow in September. This is the first

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10 Schweizer Fintech Startups fliegen nach New York

Die Chefs von zehn Fintech-Startups aus der ganzen Schweiz reisen im Herbst nach New York. Organisiert wird die Roadshow von Venture Leaders. Im vergangenen Jahr haben Schweizer Fintech-Startups bei Investoren insgesamt CHF 76 Millionen Risikokapital eingesammelt; die meisten von ihnen

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