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The 10 Hottest AI Fintech Startups in Europe

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a critical aspect in financial services. Financial institutions around the world are making efforts to adopt AI for task automation, customer services, behavior analysis, as well as fraud finding, and are making large-scale investments in

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Deutsche Bank Whitepaper Explores Open APIs, Cloud, Blockchain and AI Regulations

The emergence of new technology solutions leveraging open APIs, cloud, blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) has driven increasing volumes of digital data, as well as new market players, business models and evolving client expectations. Given the disruptive potential of these

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Customers Welcome Artificial Intelligence

A Consumer Intelligence report by PwC revealed that most consumers believe artificial intelligence (AI) will help humankind. In February 2017, PwC conducted an expert salon in New York City to capture ideas from thought leaders in AI and emerging technologies

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