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Top 15 Swiss Blockchain Newcomer Startups in 2018

BlockNovum just published its second public Blockchain research report, which provides a comprehensive market overview about Blockchain startups in Switzerland. The report specifically focuses on “Newcomers” in the Blockchain space. This selection includes startups that did conduct an ICO in 2018

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5 Swiss Fintechs That Should Consider Expanding to Singapore & Southeast Asia

Switzerland has a long history of doing business in Singapore. Today, over 400 Swiss companies, which mainly operate in the areas of banking, transport and logistics, biotech, insurance and professional services, are present in the city-state. According to the Business

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Investor Guide to Smart ICO Investments

Over the past 2 years, the crypto space and blockchain projects have gained popularity across the globe.  As a result, many dubious players entered the market to get a piece of the crypto pie. It is increasingly difficult for investors

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