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Germany Sees Thriving Blockchain, Crypto Industry

Germany has one of the largest and most dynamic cryptocurrency communities in the world. Berlin in particular is a major blockchain hub, hosting some 120 startups, according to data from LSP Digital. Over the past months, new developments and projects

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The Swiss Crypto/Blockchain Startup Map

Swisscom put together the first Swiss Crypto and Blockchain Startup Map. The map counts 20 Swiss Crypto/Blockchain Fintech Startups. Also check out Top 6 Blockchain and Crypto Companies in Switzerland Crypto Valley Zug: 7 Companies You Might Not Have Heard

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Win 3 Tickets for The Swiss Crypto Finance 2.0 Conference

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin generates a lot of headlines – positive and negative ones. At the conference experts are discussing the the long-term capabilities of digital currencies and their impact. Blockchain, the technology behind it, is arguably the most disruptive and the important

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