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Switzerland Opens up to Blockchain Tech

Appetite for blockchain technology is growing worldwide as venture capital investment in Bitcoin and blockchain startups exceeds US$1.1 billion and major financial institutions begin trialing the technology for varied applications. Perceived as the trigger to “a profound technological shift” by

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ECUREX Releases 110-Page Digital Currency Report

Swiss bitcoin startup ECUREX has released an extensive 110-page report on the ongoing innovations in the financial sector brought by digital currencies. Main author is Paolo Tasca, Economist at Deutsche Bundesbank and Executive Director at Ecurex. Entitled ‘Digital Currencies: Principles, Trends,

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Crypto Valley Schweiz – Finance 2.0 Konferenz

Am 23. September findet in Zürich die erste Crypto und Blockchain Konferenz statt. Der Veranstalter Rino Borini setzt sich im Interview für ein Crypto Valley Schweiz ein. Zudem erklärt er warum an der Konferenz ein Bitcoin Automat aufgestellt wird und

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