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7 Interesting Wealthtech Solutions from Switzerland

Tighter regulation, fast-paced customer demands, market shifts and disruptive technologies are amongst the many forces that have been changing the wealth management industry, creating a new playing field for professionals. Notably, the emergence of digital technologies for delivering services is

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Robo-Advisory: Wealth Managers Need to Adapt to New Environment

Robo-advisors are causing an uproar and the wealth management industry needs to adapt to this new environment, says Morgan Stanley, one of the largest wealth managers on Wall Street. According to Michael Cyprys, an equity analyst at the firm: “The

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New Report: Robo-Advisory Model At a Tipping Point

The robo-advisory model is at a tipping point with all current players needing further development if the robo concept is to prove long-lasting. Without further refinement on the part of the individual robo-advisors themselves, a substantial portion of current providers

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