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Introducing Swiss Fintechpoly: a Monopoly but for Fintech Nerds

With more than 275 million sets sold in 43 languages and 111 countries, and more than one billion players, it is fair to say that Monopoly is one of the world’s favorite board games and part of international popular culture.

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Swiss Fintech Award 2016 Announces 10 Semi-Finalists

The Swiss Fintech Award 2016, an initiative by the Finanz & Wirtschaft Forum and Accenture that aims to foster Switzerland’s fintech startup ecosystem, has selected its top ten startups in the competition. Congrats to our Top10! @Advanon @carbondelta @crowdhouse_ch @gobeyondinvest

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13 Upcoming Fintech Events in Switzerland

Financial technology is a hot topic and has become an important subject that is discussed in nearly all tech and startups events. As the world of fintech is moving fast, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to stay on

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