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Venture Leaders Fintech Interview: Meet Ben James of Tradeplus24

Tradeplus24 is on the Venture Leaders Fintech team heading to New York in September. The startup’s automated platform brings structured lending within reach of SMEs needing more funding than is usually available at their scale, thanks to reduced costs. This

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10 Schweizer Fintech Startups fliegen nach New York

Die Chefs von zehn Fintech-Startups aus der ganzen Schweiz reisen im Herbst nach New York. Organisiert wird die Roadshow von Venture Leaders. Im vergangenen Jahr haben Schweizer Fintech-Startups bei Investoren insgesamt CHF 76 Millionen Risikokapital eingesammelt; die meisten von ihnen

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6 New Swiss Fintech Startups to Watch

The rapid development of fintech around the world is leading to significant shifts in the global financial industry and forcing banks and financial institutions to rethink their growth strategies. Compared to leading fintech hubs such as London and Silicon Valley,

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