6 Swiss and 10 German Fintechs in the Top 100 Fintech Startup List for the European Fintech Awards 2016

6 Swiss and 10 German Fintechs in the Top 100 Fintech Startup List for the European Fintech Awards 2016

by March 23, 2016

The European Fintech Awards and Conference has announced the top 100 fintech startups of 2016. 60.000 FinTech enthusiasts from all over Europe voted for their favourite European FinTech company. Also 6 Swiss and 10 German Fintech Startups made it into the selection.

In addition to the public voting, a knowledgeable panel of judges from FinTech experts – consisting of experienced FinTech investors, innovation leads of Europe’s top banks and FinTech visionaries – assessed this big selection of the most promising European FinTech companies. Combined with the public votes, the panel of judges constituted the European FinTech Top 100.

European Fintech Awards and Conference 2016On April 14, 2016, 400 entrepreneurs, bankers, investors and advisors will come together at ABN AMRO in Amsterdam for the European Fintech Awards and Conference, a one-day event that will be entirely dedicated to the European fintech scene. Public Voting will continue until April 13th.

These leaders will discuss topics that include ‘Banks become dumb pipers,’ ‘Breakthrough SME finance,’ ‘PFM robo-advisory,’ ‘Blockchain for core banking,’ ‘Billions for fintech,’ ‘Mind blowing challengers,’ and ‘Financial inclusion now.’

The fintech awards are presented among others in a number of categories. These startups will pitch their products on April 14, and the best European fintech companies within each category and an overall winner will be nominated.

The 3 best Fintech  in Each Category are:

Alternative Finance: Cloud Lending Solutions, Funding Circle, and Iwoca.

Blockchain/Bitcoin: Ascribe, Clearmatics, and Everledger.

Challenger Banks: Atom Bank, Holvi, and Monese.

Financial inclusion: Azimo; Dopay, and Kreditech.

Innovative Banking Software: 1st UX Design Agency for Finance, Backbase, and Pich Technologies.

Insurtech: Knip, Oseven, and QuanTemplate.

Payments: Bankable, Ebury, and Trustly.

PFM/Robo advisory: Meniga, Number26, and Wikifolio.

Risk, Intelligence and Security: BehavioSec, Credit Benchmark, and NetGuardians.

Knip and NetGuardians are Category Winners

With Knip and NetGuardians also 2 Swiss Fintechs are selected here:

Knip, a Swiss ‘mobile-first’ digital insurance broker;

NetGuardians, a leading software company focused on providing solutions to control operational risks


Among the top 100 fintech startups are also 4 more Swiss Fintech Startups:

DealMarket, a Swiss private equity marketplace;

eWise, a leading international provider of personal data management solution from Switzerland;

Monetas,  a cryptofinance transaction platform built upon the concept of a digital notary;

Qumram, a Solution Provider for Native Mobile Apps and Social Media to ensure regulatory compliance


Knip and Qumram are also selected for the Swiss Fintech Awards.  The Swiss Fintech Award, which aims to promote regional development and help create the “strongest possible Swiss fintech ecosystem,” will host an event on March 31, 2016, in Zurich, during which its startup competition grand finale will be taken place.  The four finalists are KnipQumramAdvanon, and Sentifi


The following 10 German Fintech Startups made it also into the Top 100 List:

Ascribe, a BigchainDB and Scalable Blockchain Database Builder;

Friendsurance, a peer-to-peer insurance startup from Germany;

GetSafe, a German insurtech startup that provides an app to manage all insurance policies;

Kreditech, a technology company based in Hamburg that develops custom-tailored financial services with a focus on unbanked consumers;

Mambu, a Berlin-based startup that provides banking institutions with an agile cloud banking platform to create, launch and service loan and deposit products;

Number26, a Berlin-based challenger bank that aims to revolutionize the traditional banking industry;

Scalable Capital, a digital investment service based in Germany that uses proprietary software to offer portfolios that are dynamically optimized;

Spotcap, a Berlin-based online lender for small and medium-sized enterprises;

TraxPay, a payment platform for 24/7 B2B real-time transactions.

Wikifolio, an alternative investing startup from Austria and is also active in Switzerland;

“Tickets for the Events can be bought here with a 10% Discount with Code Fintechnews”

The Complete List Top 100 European Fintech Startups:

European Fintech Awards Top 100



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    Even though there were many worthy contenders, only half of the companies on Forbes’ seventh annual Fintech 50 list are doing so for the first time.

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    Among the top 100 fintech startups, there were 6 Swiss and 10 German companies that made it into the selection. The panel of judges consisted of knowledgeable experts in the fintech industry, including experienced fintech investors, innovation leads from Europe’s top banks, and fintech visionaries.

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