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  • Thu

    Blockchain Summit 2018- Boston

    Boston, USA

    Blockchain Boston

    Blockchain technology today forms the basis of on-line secure ledger/settlement system. Blockchain is gaining momentum since it has multifaceted applications and is moving towards mainstream adoption. The global Blockchain technology market is predicted to rise from $210m in 2016 to $2.31bn by 2021.

    In this multi-speaker summit, leading venture capitalists and angel investors, blockchain and crypto-enthusiasts will examine the emerging Blockchain technology and its contributions to multiple levels in the industry and industrial sectors. This event will focus more on Blockchain as a technology and we will deep dive to uncover the potential of this promising technology.

    This will help you in detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organization that will be alleviated by blockchain technologies. Using blockchain as a tool for innovation across your organization.

    This Summit brings together Blockchain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, computer science researchers and others involved in innovation; these experts explore some of the technology and the many applications of Blockchain.

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