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  • Thu

    Insurance 4.0 Digitalization and Transformation Conference

    Vienna, Austria

    Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted several industries and the insurance sector is no exception. It has become imperative for the insurance industry to adopt new technologies to drive the improved insurance processes and assist the industry in a speedy recovery. Insurers face growing challenges from rising customer demands, an influx of new technology, and increasingly unpredictable risks from climate change and cyber. The most successful insurers will be those that truly hold the customer at the heart of every product, service, and transformation – so deep-rooted into your organisation’s DNA that it becomes innate. Conferenzia World’s Insurance 4.0 Digitalization and Transformation Conference 2022 is bringing together leading experts to analyze the challenges companies are now facing and the core opportunities for industries in order to strengthen strategies to attract and retain customers. It provides a single platform for stakeholders to connect, collaborate, and create in order to navigate a future that is changing before our eyes.

    Key Topics:

    • What’s next for the insurance sector in 2022?
    • How insurance can engage customers in the future?
    • Cybersecurity and insurance industry
    • Disruptive innovations rising from Insurtech
    • The claims workforce of the future

    Join to learn from a great combination of experts from all over the world through interactive case study presentations, fireside chats, expert talks, panel discussions and astounding masterclasses.

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