BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-// TZID:Europe/Zurich X-WR-TIMEZONE:Europe/Zurich BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=Europe/Amsterdam;VALUE=DATE:20240604 DTEND;TZID=Europe/Amsterdam;VALUE=DATE:20240607 DTSTAMP:20240425T062836Z URL: rope-2024/ SUMMARY:Money20/20 Europe 2024 DESCRIPTION:\nMoney20/20 Europe\, scheduled from June 04 to 06\, 2024 in Am sterdam\, the Netherlands\, is set to usher in a profound transformation w ithin the financial landscape\, redefining the dynamics between consumers and businesses. The event aims to serve as a unique platform\, spotlightin g the narratives of extraordinary individuals who fearlessly explore the u ncharted territory of human-machine collaboration.\nPositioned as the epic enter of industry progress\, Money20/20 Europe acts as a catalyst for chan ge\, fostering the convergence of diverse people and ideas. Each year\, th e event brings together influential global leaders\, ambitious newcomers\, tech giants\, and nimble startups to collectively define the trajectory o f the financial landscape\, not only within Europe but also on the global stage.\nFintech News Network readers will enjoy a €200 discount when app lying the code 'FNN200' at checkout.\n[button link=" " icon="Select a Icon" side="left" target="" color="3d98ca" textcolor="fff fff"]REGISTER HERE[/button] ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: 1/Money2020-Europe-2024.jpg LOCATION:RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre\, Amsterdam\, Netherlands\, N etherlands X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION;VALUE=URI;X-ADDRESS=Amsterdam\, Netherlands\, N etherlands;X-APPLE-RADIUS=100;X-TITLE=RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre :geo:0,0 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VTIMEZONE TZID:Europe/Amsterdam X-LIC-LOCATION:Europe/Amsterdam BEGIN:DAYLIGHT DTSTART:20240331T030000 TZOFFSETFROM:+0100 TZOFFSETTO:+0200 TZNAME:CEST END:DAYLIGHT END:VTIMEZONE END:VCALENDAR