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  • Thu

    Finance 2.0 / Crypto '17 (Get 20% OFF with code "FinTech" )

    Kaufleuten Zurich

    The world of cryptocurrency has been growing at a staggering pace. While Bitcoin is still the most popular digital currency, many different altcoins have been attracting considerable amounts of capital. Because of this ever-growing interest in digital currencies, the goal of our conference is to discuss their long-term capabilities and impact.

    With cryptocurrencies, the blockchain is inevitably linked. It has been quite a few years now since this much-praised technology has first appeared in the mainstream. So it is time to take stock: how has blockchain effectively changed industries? And how has it effected our very personal life? What are the actual use cases? And what is still to come?

    On September 14, 2017, leading experts are going to talk about these topics at Kunsthaus Zurich.

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