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  • Fri

    ICO Summit 2017

    Zurich, Switzerland

    During the last two years, Switzerland has become the epicentre of ICO storm. Two years ago Ethereum was the first blockchain foundation created in Kanton Zug as Vitalik Bouterin rented a house and brought his core team there. Today many reputable ICO startups are established in Switzerland and more teams are looking to join Swiss Crypto Valley.

    The ICO Summit, which will be hosted in Zurich on the 15th September is set to bring movers and shakers of crypto funding together. A colourful program consists of educational blocks, keynotes and panel discussions. There will be pitch session, for which 8 most promising start-ups are being currently selected. The conference will start with a keynote from William Mougayar, who is is one of the front thought leaders in the crypto financing field and also a researcher and an investor in the Bitcoin and blockchain space. He is also very well known as the author of “The Business Blockchain” that came out as the first book taking a deeper look at the business implications of the blockchain.

    The VCs specialized on crypto investments such as Polychain, Outlier Ventures and CoinFund will share their insight into how to pick the promising ICO project. Their view will be complemented with traditional VC funds such as UK-based Open Ocean let by Richard Muirhead.

    Leading experts and advisors in the crypto finance field are coming to Zurich from all over the world, such as Michael Terpin, Richard Kastelein and Ransu Salovaara of TokenMarket, Daniel Zakrisson of ICONOMI and Dominik Zynis of Wings to name a few. They will share the learnings about the best practice and successful ICO execution. Also local crypto community will surely join the jet-setters. The early establishers of the Crypto Valley such as Niklas Nikolajsen, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse and Olga Feldmeier, CEO of SMART VALOR will join the stage.

    Overall, as Swiss Crypto Valley is becoming ever more popular, the ICO Summit is likely to come as one of the first truly global crypto event in Switzerland. Join us and meet global crypto community in Zurich on the 15th September!