Fintech Webinars

Fintech Webinars

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Event Information:

  • Wed

    MoneyLIVE Summit 2023

    QEII Centre, London, UK

    MoneyLIVE Summit

    Hosted in the FinTech capital of the world, MoneyLIVE Summit is the global payments and banking event uniting industry leaders at the top of their game. This is where ground-breaking partnerships are forged, where innovation is amplified and where the brightest ideas are born.

    Hot Topics:

    Open ecosystems
    In an increasingly connected world, learn how to remain relevant in a sea of competitors and explore the new business model opportunities in open finance, embedded finance and beyond

    Lending and the economic landscape
    Get to grips with lending in an era of open ecosystems and tool up for credit risk models, flexible repayments and mortgage innovation in a period of economic upheaval

    Digital IDs
    Underrated or over-hyped? Understand the transformative potential of digital IDs, grasp the power of blockchain rails, and look ahead toward a potential pan-European ID wallet for all

    Payments Innovation & Infrastructure
    Get ready to dig into ISO20022 migration, Request to Pay and open banking payments, while discovering what’s next for BNPL, wallets and embedded finance

    Web 3.0 & digital currencies
    Unsure why everyone’s talking about Web 3.0? You’re not alone. Join MoneyLIVE Summit to unlock the potential of banking in a Web 3.0 world and stay ahead of the curve as we chart the digital currencies roadmap

    ESG in Action
    The journey to Net zero and beyond – learn how to deliver on ESG principles, seize commercial opportunities and lead the way to a sustainable future

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