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  • Wed

    Blockchain In Financial Services 2023

    Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Rüschlikon, Switzerland

    Blockchain in Financial Services 2023

    The crypto world has taken a hit due to geopolitical uncertainty. Nevertheless, blockchain technology remains a central cornerstone in the innovative power of the financial industry.

    This year's edition of the "Blockchain in Financial Services 2023" conference will be dedicated to the latest trends in the industry. The gradual path to Web 3.0 holds many opportunities for the financial landscape. But what exactly will this Web 3.0 look like? What role will financial institutions play and what other opportunities does the new type of Internet hold?

    The conference also provides insights beyond national borders and shows how Estonia has blossomed into a digital island and has become a global leader in e-governance. How the system built the bridge to the financial sector and what implications it has for the sector are impressively shown.

    The event organiser is looking forward to welcoming you to the "Finanz und Wirtschaft" Blockchain Conference. The event brings forward thinkers from the crypto scene together with decision-makers from the financial center to assess strategic opportunities and risks and to help shape the future of a decentralized financial economy.

    The “Blockchain in Financial Services 2023” finance and business forum is aimed at decision-makers in the banking and insurance industry, regulators and start-ups. In addition, visionary lateral thinkers and all interested actors from science and politics are invited to network and exchange their experiences with experts.

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