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Invemo Launches First Fixed Income Bitcoin Denominated Investment Product in Switzerland

Invemo is an asset manager, broker and liquidity provider in the digital asset market that targets professional and institutional clients. In order to meet the demand of professional and institutional investors it has developed a low risk fixed income investment

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SalesPlaybook Launches Europe’s First Sales Accelerator for B2B Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have the potential to change our world for the better solving real-world problems by launching, growing, and scaling new business models, technologies, products, and services. Unfortunately, the state of Europe’s B2B sales is far from great and getting access

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Swiss Fintech KeeSystem Launches a New Version of Its Wealth Management Software

KeeSystem launches its new version of KeeSense, its portfolio management software for independent managers. It pursues its objective initiated when it was created in 2009: to provide private management professionals with the best technology for their activity. For the past

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