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The Top 6 Swiss Fintech Startups 2017

Startup.ch publish every year a list of Top 100 Best Swiss Startups 2017. 6 Fintech Startups made it into the list. Bexio and Advanon even into the Top 10. Bexio was already in the Top 10 last year, Advanon made it

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Swiss Fintech Companies Overview Map; 65 Startups Born in Switzerland

Luc Schuurmans, Head Private Banking, Executive Management at Bank Linth LLB AG,  put together an overview map of Fintech Companies “Born in Switzerland”. His map features Swiss fintech companies categorised into: Wealth Management, Finance Management, Payments, Credit, Trading, Advice, Data Integration, Funding, Vergleich &

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Luzerner Kantonalbank beteiligt sich strategisch an crowdhouse.ch – 160 Jahre Schweizer Bankentradition trifft auf Fintech

Die Luzerner Kantonalbank AG (LUKB) beteiligt sich im Sinne einer strategischen Partnerschaft an crowdhouse.ch. Die Traditionsbank nimmt ebenfalls Einsitz in unserem Verwaltungsrat. Gleichzeitig verstärken wir das Aktionariat und den Verwaltungsrat mit Francisco Fernandez, dem Gründer und CEO der Avaloq-Gruppe. “Basierend

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Crowdhouse.ch Wants to “Disrupt” the Swiss Real Estate Market

Crowdhouse.ch is Swiss real estate crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to acquire shares of rental buildings. The platform, which went live in late October, aims to gather several small investors and allow them to become co-owners of a property by

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