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PwC & CACEIS Advise Investment Firms to Have a Clear Online Marketing Strategy

The rise of the digital economy has changed the way businesses deliver services, interact with clients and market their products. As social networks have become an important component of our daily lives, asset managers and investment firms need to have

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Acebanker: Making Wealth Management Accessible and Comprehensible to Ordinary People

Singaporean startup Acebanker offers a mobile app that aims to democratize private banking and make wealth management services accessible and comprehensible to ordinary people. Underneath, there is an algorithmic-based wealth manager with machine-learning capabilities that uses real-world market data to

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WealthInitiative Launches Online Platform to Enhance Wealth Managers’ Value Proposition for Real Estate, Art and Passion Investing

WealthInitiative a Zurich-based fintech startup, has announced the release of its online platform and marketplace that aims to empower wealth managers with a more efficient tool to monitor and manage real estate, art and passion investments. The WealthInitiative platform, launched

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