Top Banking Trends in Switzerland 2023: SIC Instant Payments & Beyond




Globally, 63% of banks & FIs picked instant payments as their top priority over the next 12 months, followed by fraud detection (54%), cross-border payments (52%), and digital transformation (45%).

The following areas are vital for Switzerland as it straddles the line between its independent status and its ability to take inspiration from other global initiatives.

  • The importance of interoperability to ensure the Swiss marketplace can have ubiquity with the global economy, especially their close neighbours in Europe.
  • The drive to modernise domestic payments (Instant Payments, RTGS) by ensuring a state-of-the-art and innovative marketplace.
  • Although Switzerland is in front of the curve when it comes to ISO 20022 (since 2015), further steps are needed to move towards ISO Native to comply with SWIFT’s CBPR+ standard for cross-border payments to ensure true interoperability.
  • Keeping abreast of the security within transactions such as fraud protection, sanctions screening, IBAN pre-validation etc.

Join Bottomline, SIX, Yapeal Bank, and Fintech News Switzerland as they highlight the best strategy for digital payments transformation in Switzerland and how to ensure you stay one step ahead of your competition:

  • New banking trends and initiatives for 2023 & beyond and why they matter (SIC 5, SIC Instant, SSFN, SEPA Inst, ISO 20022, NPA, Pre-validation, SWIFT CSP, SWIFT Go)
  • Use cases for banks to develop new offerings for cross-border & domestic payments
  • Deep Dive: Getting ready for SIC Instant Payments
    Overcoming issues of legacy infrastructure and revisiting architectures (transitioning to SaaS)


Urs Bolt, Fintech & Banking Expert


  • Bruno Kudermann, Senior Product Manager, Products & Solutions, Banking Services, SIX
  • Daniel Capraro, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Yapeal Bank
  • Frédéric Viard, Director of Global Marketing, Bottomline Technologies EMEA