Top 20 FinTech Startups in Switzerland in 2020

Top 20 FinTech Startups in Switzerland in 2020

After analysing hundreds of reports, company announcements and business models the Fintech News Network is proud to unveil our list of the top fintech startups in Switzerland in 2020.

This is the 3rd time that we’ve published our list of top fintech startups in Switzerland, for historical comparison of previous selections here’s our 2016 and updates on the progress and development of the 2019 list of top fintech startups in Switzerland.



Founded: 2013 | linkedinfacebooktwitter is Switzerland’s independent online comparison service covering banking, insurance and telecom. More than 100 unbiased comparison tools and calculators are available on, along with useful financial guides and timely news. The comprehensive comparison tools help users find the right insurance policies, bank accounts, credit and prepaid cards, loans, mortgages, trading accounts and telecom products for their needs.


Founded: 2017  | linkedinfacebooktwitter

Vlot is an insurance intermediary that provides a fully-fledged digital value chain which streamlines the customer journey/experience and opens up an integrated world of financial life risk analysis, life insurance coverage and dynamic life planning solutions. Vlot is responsible for the analysis and calculation of a customer’s financial situation, customer relationship, policy management and archiving of files.


Founded: 2016 | Funding Amount: US$1.9M|


Nummo is a personal financial management platform that empowers users to live better by helping them manage, maintain and improve their financial health. The solution consolidates and analyzes customers’ financial situation, and helps them understand their finances. It also provides them with conflict-free options to choose from. Nummo gives customers the tools to better understand their personal finances and optimize them. It does this through consolidation, analysis and financial education.


Founded: 2018 | linkedinfacebooktwitter

Aidonic is a blockchain solution for Social Fundraising and Last Mile Aid Distribution Technology, an ecosystem for humanitarian networks. With the Aidonic platform, the company aims to transform traditional aid funding by creating a token based peer-to-peer (P2P) ecosystem that securely connects donations from sources worldwide directly to the beneficiaries in need.


Founded: 2017 | Funding Amount: US$ 1.1M|


Legartis is a Swiss legaltech startup. The startup provides an artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution to make legal document analysis convenient and efficient by allowing companies to identify, classify and understand contracts within seconds. Trained by legal experts and using the latest machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques, Legartis’ multilingual AI solution is one of the most advanced for professionals and companies dealing with large amounts of legal documents. The Swiss startup employs more than 30 people and has offices in both Zürich and Lisbon.

Sygnum Bank

Founded: 2018 | linkedinfacebooktwitter

Sygnum is the world’s first digital asset bank. With its Swiss banking and securities dealer license, as well as its capital markets services license in Singapore, Sygnum aims to empower institutional and private qualified investors, corporates, banks and other financial institutions to invest in the digital asset economy with complete trust. The company is the first digital asset bank with an independently controlled, scalable and future-proof regulated banking solution.

Mt Pelerin

Founded: 2018 | Funding Amount: CHF 2M |


Mt Pelerin is a Swiss fintech company specialized in applying blockchain technology to banking and finance. Based in Geneva, it is creating a new kind of financial institution built on a tokenized platform. It will use the technology to create open marketplaces where individuals and businesses will be able to issue, deposit and trade tokenized securities straight from their account. Mt Pelerin has the ambition to become a fully authorized Swiss bank by 2020.


Founded: 2018 |  linkedinfacebooktwitter

Tokenestate is a Swiss company dedicated to the financing of companies and real estate assets using digital securities. It developed a cutting-edge software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform combining blockchain technology, digital signatures and legally sanctioned processes. With the Tokenestate platform, companies can legally and efficiently raise funds, bring liquidity to their shares, and manage investors.


Founded: 2017 |  linkedintwitter

Orca is a digital safety deposit box uniquely designed to manage customers’ wealth, life and legacy. The company helps hundreds of successful individuals, families and businesses save time, sleep easy and make better strategic decisions with regards to governance, wealth structuring, and succession planning.


Founded: 2016 | Funding Amount: US$ 103.5M (including loans) |


Tradeplus24 is a Zurich-based fintech specialist lender which provides flexible, easy funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to improve their liquidity position. Founded by four guys in Zurich in March 2016, Tradeplus24 has offices in Switzerland and Australia.


Founded: 2018 | Funding Amount: CHF450,000 |


Billte is a fintech startup headquartered in Zurich, which specializes in the digitization of invoicing for companies and consumers. For companies, Billte reduces the time and expenses spent dealing with invoicing. For consumers, Billte makes paying invoices fast and easy and offers them various payment methods such as bank transfers, credit card and instalment payments. Billte is an online end-to-end invoicing solution that requires no installation or maintenance.


Founded: 2016 | Funding Amount: CHF2.1M |


Futurae was created in 2016 by security researchers from the Systems Security Group of ETH Zurich. The company provides an innovative and state-of-the-art bank grade cybersecurity technology that has garnered internationally acclaim, awards and satisfied customers. Futurae was founded with the aspiration to eliminate one of the biggest cybersecurity vulnerabilities to businesses today: the lack of user adoption when it comes to optional authentication solutions.

Founded: 2019 is a technology-based platform that digitizes supply and demand in the mortgage market. The digital comparison of several hundred criteria makes it possible to find the best mortgage offers. is operated by VermögensPartner.


Founded: 2018 | Funding Amount: US$ 104M, bound on conditions |


SEBA is a licensed and supervised Swiss bank providing a seamless, secure and easy-to-use bridge between digital and traditional assets. The company allows customers to trade, manage and securely store their cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and conventional securities all in one place.


Founded: 2018 | facebooktwitter

Blockimmo is a blockchain-powered startup on the verge of becoming the go to marketplace for real estate tokenization. The company’s regulatory compliant ecosystem enables fractional property investments and ownership. Properties are officially and legally represented as security tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Blockimmo partners with financial institutions and other strategic partners in different countries to enable and grow the cross-border market.

Clear Minds

Founded: 2016 | linkedinfacebooktwitter

Clear Minds is a financial advisor for people who like to stay on top of their investments anywhere and anytime. The company provides a high-quality online investment advisory service that offers the ideal solutions for customers to make personal investment decisions. Users receive an individual portfolio proposal and gain access to professorial research, recommended actions, risk management and more.


Founded: 2017 | linkedinfacebook

Dextra Rechtsschutz claims to be Switzerland’s only legal protection insurance company. It entered the space in 2012 with the intention of offering more comprehensive and customer-friendly products. In 2017 this provider of direct insurance also ventured into the car insurance sector.


Founded 2017 | facebooktwitter

Traxia aims to make trade finance more accessible to SMEs so they can finance day-to-day business activity. By building a decentralized exchange of debt securities (tokenized invoices, tokenized letters of credit, etc), Traxia is using technology and a set of new processes to enhance access of SMEs to institutional investors, improving visibility, reducing risks and lowering financing costs of discounting invoices.


Founded: 2012 | linkedinfacebooktwitter

Polixis is a best-in-class regtech and advisory firm, headquartered in Geneva. The company have served some of the world’s most demanding companies since 2012, ranging from Tier 1 Global Banks to more localized companies in need of risk and compliance solutions. With ARDIS, which stands for Applied Risk and Data Intelligence Solution, Polixis takes its expertise to the next level by blending human expertise with machine intelligence and big data. The result is a unique technological solution that aims to change the way risk and compliance teams work on client and transactional due diligence, political and country risk analysis.


Founded: 2017 | linkedinfacebooktwitter

Yova is an investment platform that enables users to achieve their financial goals by investing their savings 100% consistent with their values and lifestyle. Topics include renewable energy, electromobility, medical technology, gender equality, human rights and more.