FinTech Influencer Social Media Ranking in Germany

FinTech Influencer Social Media Ranking in Germany

Fintechnews has put together list of Fintech Influencers in Germany. The ranking is based on the Klout Score and the Fintech Influence. The Klout scores measures the influence in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc.

The Fintech Influence was pre-selected by tools and with the manual help of the Fintech investor Marc P. Bernegger who already published a similiar list in 2015.

We present here a list of or top profiles for the German Fintech hub who frequently update for the Fintech community on their social networks.

If you are not on this list, please contact us here. This list will be updated regularly.

Last update: on 03 January 2017

RankAvatarInfluencersDescriptionTwitter FollowersKlout ScoreChange
1Timo Dreger
Looking for early stage #insurtech #fintech deals __
#VentureCapital at Apeiron Investment Group
2Frank Schwab
GeschŠftsfŸhrer GIZS (@paydirekt @sparkasse) Co-Founder @FinTechForum_de Chairman @GetHufsy FinTech Investor4,466640
3Maik Klotz

Sprecher, Autor, Berater Ð #Mobile, #Banking, #Payment, #Fintech, #Loyalty. Mehr infos unter - member of @paymentbanking3,97263+1
4Thorsten Hahn
Lecturer, Presenter, Author. CEO & Founder BANKINGCLUB, Biggest Banking-Network in DACH.6,17763-1
5André M. Bajorat
CEO at @figoapi - Specialist in #FinTech. Board at @Bitkom, @finleap, @money2020, Mentor at @as_pnp, @Microsoft. Part of @paymentbanking and #fintechratpack6,65461+8
6Michael Mellinghoff
MD TechFluence - Check out our NEW #RoboAdvice Maps for Germany & Europe #Fintech4,58860-1
7Hartmut Giesen
About #fintech, #banking & #startups,,39360-1
8Tobias Baumgarten
Blogger/Autor | Speaker | Berater
#Fintech #Payment #blockchain
Tweets=meine Meinung, RT­Zustimmung
fintech, crypto and loyalty, investor@lodgify, savedroid, & loyaltyprime, Ex Paymill, Ratepay, Swiss Post, expansion @iyzico1,92460+10
10Boris Janek
#LoveChangesEverything, #Genopreneur #Business Model Innovation, Fintech, #Blockchain, Banking, Blogger,Autor, Speaker. ADG, Edutec, Cooperatives, Gemeinwohl5,37860+7
11Dirk Röder
Continuously challenging the status quo. Digital transformation will catch up with everything we touch, use, eat and love. #VLOG
12Ricardo Vidal

Senior Vice President, Product & Marketing at @Kreditech #FinTech #Innovation #Startup5,49959NEW
Hansjšörg Leichsenring ist Blogger, Autor, Keynote Speaker, Manager und Consultant fŸr Banking, Innovation, Vertrieb, Change, Service, Social Media und PFM8,25459+1
14Peter Barkow
Themes: #corporatefinance, #capitalmarkets, #realestate, #startups, #banks & combinations of the above. Impressum:,47958+4
15Franz Seb. Welter
vice president innovation & digitalization DZ BANK AG, mba, speaker, digital transformation, fintech, innovation // views are my own1,82358-7
16Stefan Tirtey
MD at CommerzVentures, fintech investor, investor in @etoro, @mambu_com, and @marqeta, early investor in @Soundcloud, driven by curiosity, views are my own3,55958-9
17IT Finanzmagazin - Das Fachmagazin fŸr IT & Organisation bei #Bank, #Sparkasse, #Versicherung und #FinTech. Jetzt auch auf #XING:,00958-8
18Alena Kotter
I quit my job to travel | Meine Themen sind digitale #Kommunikation fŸr Banken, #Digitalisierung, #Contentstrategie, #FinTech & #SocialMedia3,43157-3
19Maria Pennanen
Passionate about entrepreneurship and start-ups. A transformational leader who believes in change and hard work. Angel Investor. Co-founder @accelerator_ffm1,08757+1
20Jochen Siegert
Speaker, Podcaster & Blogger abt #fintech for @paymentbanking; COO @traxpay; Advisor @Finleap, @figoAPI, @savedroidAG; History: @Paypal, @MasterCard, @Bigpoint3,42057+7
21Paul Jozefak
Slovak/American in Germany launching start-ups & abusing tech @ Liquid Labs. Former VC at Neuhaus Partners & SAP Ventures. Thoughts are purely propoganda!5,12656-5
22florian semle
Digital transformer with human focus: #blockchain, #fintech, #insurtech, #AI #smartcity, #socialmedia and corp. #transformation Views: my own1,82456+4
23Sascha Dewald
MD at @finreach. Mentor at @startupbootcamp, @as_pnp, @techstars. Angel at @avuba & @hugo_events.2,82155-1
A #FinTech Company Builder. Follow the family @Savedo_de @BillFrontLtd @ValendoDE @ClarkGermany @FinReach @solarisBank @Zinsbaustein @financeadsInt @elinvar_de4,01755+1
25Robert Mangelmann
Senior Consultant Digital Communication / webthinking¨ | Head of Digital Finance @ Die Firma GmbH | former Innovation Manager @ Deutsche Bank // private account70355-2
26Lars Markull
Trying to make the world a better place. At least in #FinTech. With #XS2A and #OpenBanking. @figoAPI & @bankathon15 & @finletter3,39955-14
27Rudolf Linsenbarth
28H. J. von Schönfeldt
Director PASS GCA AG. Interested in: #fintech, #corebanking, #insuretech, #startups, #cloud, #bigdata, #digitizing.,56452-7
29Sven Korschinowski
I'm enthusiastic in Philosophy: Understand past 2 innovate the future. Ask right questions. Concept of _____. PAYMENTS, BLOCKCHAIN, FINTECH & INNOVATION1,490520
Heinz-Roger Dohms, freier Finanzjournalist, und Meike Schreiber, Frankfurt-Korrespondentin der @SZ, twittern Ÿber #Banken, MŠrkte, #Fintech und Geldanlage.1,64151NEW


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