Bank Frick Acquires Majority in the Fintech Group AG

Bank Frick Acquires Majority in the Fintech Group AG

by July 4, 2019

Following a capital increase at AG, Bank Frick now holds a majority in the Liechtenstein-based fintech company of 50.14 %  of the share capital.

Founders Max J. Heinzle and Udo Oksakowski hold just under 30 per cent of the shares. The remaining shares are in free float.

Bank Frick already acquired a stake (25%) in AG in September 2018, buying just over 25 per cent of the Liechtenstein fintech company’s shares. AG digitises and automates processes on the area2Invest investment platform in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Open for discussions with new partners

Raphael Haldner

Raphael Haldner

“We believe there is enormous potential for financial institutions, issuers and other financial product promoters to make their products accessible to various investor groups on area2Invest on a fully digitised, cross-border basis”,

says Raphael Haldner, Head of Fund and Capital Markets at Bank Frick and a member of the Board of Directors of AG. “The Bank currently holds a majority in”, he adds.

“However, both Bank Frick and AG are open for discussions with other potential strong partners.”

On the area2Invest investment platform, issuers can present and offer interested investors their structured financing proposals on a public or private basis (public or private placements, respectively).


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