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Bitcoin-Blockchain and Crypto Startups DACH Map

The German Blog Paymentbanking published the updated DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) Blockchain/Bitcoin/DLT and Crypto Map. The map counts more then 100 startups in this region and are categorised into Broker, Ledgers, Asset Management, Identity, Wallets and Infrastructure Startups. We listed them

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Bitpanda Founders Got 4 Mio Euro in Austrian ICO

Until now, tokens have been bound to a specific platform. Pantos wants to change this. The Austrian start-up is planning the first token system that makes cross chain token transfers possible. During one ICO the company, which is backed by the

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6 Bitcoin And Blockchain Startups You Have To Know in Austria

  In Austria, the city of Graz has become the epicenter of the blockchain ecosystem. The establishment of BlockchainHub Graz in 2017, the launch of the associated Blockchain Startup Contest in early 2016, and the introduction of the country’s first

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