Fidor Offers a New AI-Powered Chatbot for Banks

Fidor Offers a New AI-Powered Chatbot for Banks

by February 19, 2019

Fidor is announcing its new banking chatbot, designed  in collaboration with Finn AI, an AI-powered conversational banking technology provider.

Having an embedded virtual assistant within its technology stack gives Fidor a competitive advantage. It enables their customers to benefit from a pre-integrated conversational AI with their digital banking platform.

According to the company,having the chatbot pre-integrated is part of Fidor’s strategy to accelerate the adoption of AI, Machine Learning and Robotisation in banking when relevant to the customer.

The chatbot is available on web and mobile banking platforms. It addresses general customer queries and the fast routing of complex conversations to the appropriate human for response.

Fidor claims that the chatbot has been designed to detect sophisticated language nuances with a comprehensive understanding of most user requests. It incorporates deep machine learning and natural language processing so it can continually optimise and refine its performance every time it interacts with a customer, providing a truly personalised experience.

Next, the chatbot will assist with transactional services.

Matthias Kröner, Founder & CEO of Fidor, commented:

Matthias Kröner

Matthias Kröner

“Fidor was first to create deep customer engagement with consumers before they even become customers through our community! The expansion of our platform today reinforces our strong belief in chatbots as a new way to interact with customers. AI and machine learning are opening up a whole new world creating real bot/customer discussion that continuously improve.

As customer expectations are constantly evolving, it’s crucial for banks to stay ahead of the digital curve and adopt technology processes that respond to customer needs. I am glad that banks that are powered by fidorOS will have a ready to use chatbot that also benefit from the learnings of our own bank. With today’s integration of AI and machine-learning services on the fidorOS platform, we’re building on our already cutting-edge technology infrastructure and improving user-experiences, for all of our customers.”

Jake Tyler, CEO of Finn AI, added:

Jake Tyler

Jake Tyler

“Finn AI is proud to collaborate with Fidor Solutions and all banks that are powered by fidorOS. Our conversational AI platform is designed exclusively for banks. By working closely with financial institutions around the world, Finn AI has been able to build an impressive and proprietary platform that will perfectly serve Fidor Solutions customers. Our partnership with Fidor reflects our mutual commitment to continually innovate within the financial sector.”



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