Author: Diana Ngo


Potential of Blockchain in Asset Management

Blockchain has the potential to transform the asset management industry by allowing new products to be developed, improve efficiency and cost-savings, and enhance data quality, according to a new report by blockchain software company ConsenSys. In its first report part of a series titled An Executive’s Guide to the Future of Asset Management, ConsenSys delves into the key role blockchain is set to play in the future of asset management, examining a variety of use cases demonstrating the technology’s transformative potential. Tokenization One major innovation that blockchain allows for is tokenization, a process in which tokens are created on…

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12 Fintech Startups from Austria You Have to Know

With only 87 active fintech companies, Austria’s fintech scene remains relatively small when compared with neighbors Germany and Switzerland. Nevertheless, the Austrian fintech industry has enjoyed increasing recognition over the past few years with numerous domestic fintech startups successfully expanding their business internationally and raising considerable rounds of venture capital. The following are 12 fintech startups that are putting Austria on the global fintech map. Cashpresso Cashpresso, a product of Credi2 from Vienna, provides unsecured personal loans of up to EUR 1,500. The loan application is completely online with the know-your-customer (KYC) process done through a video call. The…

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