Mt Pelerin Offers Crypto Investment With “Zero Fees” to Its New Users

Mt Pelerin Offers Crypto Investment With “Zero Fees” to Its New Users

by April 21, 2021

Swiss fintech Mt Pelerin now allows the users of its mobile app Bridge Wallet to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the market rates, without any additional cost.

Users of the app will be able to do so commission-free up to $500 per year, get MPS tokens and increase that limit to $50,000.

Bridge Wallet allows users access to market prices that they would get on a centralised trading platform, while preserving full control and ownership of their cryptocurrencies.

With single or recurring bank transfers, users can have their crypto investment directly deposited on their wallets.

The crypto investment can be converted back in 28 currencies and withdrawn from bank accounts around the world.

Mt Pelerin added that instant card purchases and withdrawals will follow soon.

Additionally, Bridge Wallet also integrates multiple decentralised exchange tools like Uniswap, giving access to thousands of cryptoassets from one’s phone.

Mt Pelerin said that free crypto-fiat transactions are available for all users up to $500 per year, with a degressive margin of 1.3% above. That limit can be raised up to $50,000 per year for holders of MPS tokens, the tokenised shares of Mt Pelerin available in P2P exchange on Bridge Wallet.

Arnaud Salomon Mt Pelerin

Arnaud Salomon

“With the real market prices and the self-sovereignty features of cryptocurrencies, you get the best of both worlds from your phone. With an MPS token, you own an actual share of our company with full voting and dividend rights, which are exercised in Bridge Wallet.


The users own the product, it’s a powerful example of financial democratisation.”

said Arnaud Salomon, Founder and CEO of Mt Pelerin.