RealT Selects Mt Pelerin’s Asset Tokenisation Technology for Real Estate Management

RealT Selects Mt Pelerin’s Asset Tokenisation Technology for Real Estate Management

by March 31, 2021

Real estate tokenisation platform RealT has chosen Swiss fintech Mt Pelerin‘s Bridge Protocol, an open source asset tokenisation technology, to optimise the management of its properties and investors.

RealT, an American company based in Florida, has created a model that makes real estate investment easily accessible for the public through tokenisation which is the issuance of financial assets on the blockchain in the form of tokens.

Since 2019, RealT allows its clients to invest starting from a few dozen dollars in ownership shares of high yield (10% to 13%) residential and commercial real estate in the US, with rental revenue being proportionally and directly paid to token holders in stablecoin.

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With 75 properties sold and new ones being offered on a weekly basis, the model also brought increasing costs and complexity to manage each new sale.

To relieve those burdens and sustain the growth of its business, RealT has sought the support of Mt Pelerin, which specialises in digital securities.

The two companies have worked together in the last months to migrate RealT’s activities onto Bridge Protocol.

This enables RealT to rapidly issue and distribute tokenised assets that is able to simultaneously comply with multiple jurisdictions (US and European in this case), the possibility to freely transfer tokens while complying with those regulations, as well as the consolidated management of investors KYC/AML across the multiple properties that they may own.

Mt Pelerin has also produced a version of its mobile app Bridge Wallet specially customised for RealT. With it, their investors are able to invest in new properties, exchange them and vote on decisions related to their management from their phone.

All of RealT’s 75 properties are now live and operational on Mt Pelerin’s platform. Some of them are even live on two blockchains simultaneously; Ethereum and xDai.

Jean-Marc Jacobson, co-founder and principal of RealT Mt Pelerin

Jean-Marc Jacobson

Jean-Marc Jacobson, Co-Founder and Principal of RealT said,

“This collaboration with Mt Pelerin allowed us to accelerate the achievement of our vision for the future of real estate.


We share that ideal of democratising investment.”

RealT Mt Pelerin

Arnaud Salomon

Arnaud Salomon, CEO and Founder of Mt Pelerin said,

“We are proud that our technology has been beneficial to RealT, a project that we follow and admire from day one.


RealT is a trailblazer in what will be the norm in a few years.”


Featured image: One of RealT’s properties issued on Bridge Protocol