Recap: International Digital Finance Crypto Tech Event in Zug

Recap: International Digital Finance Crypto Tech Event in Zug

by November 5, 2015

Nearly one hundred people attended the 2. Digital Finance Crypto Tech Event in Zug this week.

The technology behind the “Crypto Valley” startup scene was the main topic.

Startups and interested people from more than ten countries (Switzerland, USA, UK, Germany, Singapore…) came to the event to inform and network with each other.

Startup Competition venture

The organizer – extendance GmbH – did the event this time in partnership with SERI (Staatssekretariat for Education, Research and Innovation).

In the morning keynotes and a panel discussion were followed by twelve international startups who gave pitches about their company, products and services.

In the afternoon pre-planned matchmaking sessions took place where most of the attendees joined and networked intensively.

An interesting sidenote was given by Ralf Haller, pointing to the current discussion in Switzerland on “Vollgeld Initiative“, which attempts to give the creation of digital money into the sole hand of the Swiss National Bank and away from ordinary banks who can simply create digital money every time when they e.g. hand out a mortgage for a house. The Swiss people will now be able to vote on who has the rights to create digital money. So digital money and crypto finance is present in everyone’s life as probably not many people actually know.

The event itself showed then that there are lots of activities going on in this space, and while there is not yet the solution out there, things could potentially move very fast and possibly too fast for the traditional financial services industry players, if they do not take these developments and possibilites serious. An interesting remark in the panel discussion was then also that the financial regulators need to learn and embrace this new world rapidly to not be left out on the sidelines and being overtaken by other nations moving much faster. Switzerland seems to still be in a good position though and startups in this space keep coming to the Crypto Valley such as recently the well-funded (USD 40 Mio.) Xapo and others.


ralf haller“This was a first for Switzerland that so many startups from the Crypto Finance scene came to one event and share what they do. The focus was on finance crypto technology startups, regulation challenges and on business networking. The latter was very well organised with matchmaking sessions by SERI with whom we partnered this time. In the online survey after the event we had a more than 95% recommendation rate which is exceptionally good for such an event. So I think it is justified to say that the event was a very good success and I am glad we could pull this off together.”


Ralf Haller

CEO extendance GmbH, organizer of this event


Luka_Mueller“First hand experience, profound knowledge and inspiring business enthusiasm made this event the best of this year. I will be back.”

 Luka Müller-Studer

Partner MME Legal & Compliance, event supporter and panelist





Ming Chan Ethereum “I was very impressed with the conference as it was well organized with high quality of attendees relevant to the intersection of Crypto and Fintech. The networking and matchmaking opportunities were outstanding and the event was clearly both standing room only and lively in dialogue.”


 Ming Chan

Excecutive Director Ethereum Foundation, event speaker





Image Credit Conference: Lucas Betschart, Twitter

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