SIX Fintech Venture Finds First Investments: Vestr and Shift Cryptosecurity

SIX Fintech Venture Finds First Investments: Vestr and Shift Cryptosecurity

by November 13, 2018

SIX FinTech Venture announced that it has invested into its first two firms, vestr and Shift Cryptosecurity. The amount is currently undisclosed.

The venture was formed with the goal of providing the Swiss Financial Center with cutting-edge tech, business models and solutions. Therefore, the venture has its eye open for startups that are scalable, and give back to the Swiss financial ecosystem, and it thinks that the following companies would bring value to the overall ecosystem:

vestr six fintech ventures


vestr aims to be a fast and cost-effective alternative to investment funds by facilitating the creation and lifecycle management of Actively Managed Certificates. The company was founded by experienced traders and quants. Vestr graduated from the F10 accelerator program in 2017 and is working with established banks.


shift cryptosecurity six fintech venturesMeanwhile, Shift Cryptosecurity was formed in 2015 as a spinoff of the ETH Zurich university. It is an crypto-engineering company that builds both hardware and software-based security solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Its signature product is BitBox, now available in over 100 countries.

Andreas Iten, Head SIX FinTech Ventures:

andreas iten six fintech vestr shift cryptosecurity investment

“As a neutral corporate FinTech jinvestor with close connections to Swiss and global financial institutions, we have the tools and resources needed to support ambitious entrepreneurs and their unicorns-to-be. Ultimately, our goal is to further establish SIX as an innovative company with an international reputation as a trusted partner for startups.”


Featured image via SIX

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