Worldline Launches Solution to Help Companies Enter the Metaverse

Worldline Launches Solution to Help Companies Enter the Metaverse

by March 9, 2023

French payments company Worldline is launching a white-label solution for companies to enter into the Metaverse without any prior experience.

This white-label solution is suitable for any company developing a Metaverse strategy and looking for a cost-effective way to get started.

Worldline had launched a new shopping mall in Decentraland, a blockchain-enabled metaverse game, in March with the first 9 stores, including the German direct bank Consorsbank, The Chedi Andermatt, a Swiss luxury hotel, and Naked Life, a non-alcoholic spirits brand from Australia.

In the Worldline Shopping Mall, retailers, service providers and banks can build up a presence in Web 3.0 in a simple and modular way to test how their own community reacts to it and how the potential of the Metaverse can be tapped into.

The starter package offers store tenants the proven Worldline payment function – with or without cryptocurrencies – as well as advertising services.

Optional add-on packages – including Target Advertising, Phygital Products and Augmented Reality – help stores and products achieve greater visibility and create an innovative customer experience.

Sascha Münger

Sascha Münger

Sascha Münger, Metaverse Expert at Worldline said,

“We believe that the Metaverse, alongside stationary point of sale and e-commerce, is the sales channel of the future. The decision to open the Worldline Shopping Mall reflects this vision.


For well-known brands in particular, our virtual shopping mall offers an ideal precondition for venturing into the Metaverse with a clear conscience at low cost.”