Bank Frick Takes 25% Stake in Thanks to an Upcoming Blockchain Platform

Bank Frick Takes 25% Stake in Thanks to an Upcoming Blockchain Platform

by September 26, 2018 Scores Bank Frick’s Investment Thanks to Upcoming Blockchain Platform

A capital injection sees Bank Frick acquiring an approximately 25% stake into AG, known for running the area2Invest crowdfunding platform which connects accredited issuers in the European Economic Area and Switzerland to investors.

The investment is seemingly tied to’s blockchain-based tokenised financial instruments that will make a debut soon.

Raphael Haldner, Head of Funds and Issues at Bank Frick said that:

Raphael Haldner

Raphael Haldner

“Bank Frick is intensively involved in blockchain banking. The transparent distribution of tokenised financial products is a strong argument for us taking a stake in”

“The issuer and investor portal is an ideal fit with our digitalisation strategy, which focuses on financial intermediaries. For those intermediaries that are our clients, we offer an attractive information and distribution channel for their financial products. Moreover, we have the option of presenting and distributing our own products there.”

Raphael Haldner was elected onto the Board of Directors of following Bank Frick’s investment.

With care on compliance and regulations, AG automates and digitalises the processes behind investments. Issuers that are featured on their platform have been registered and pre-identified, and the platform offers structured financing proposals on both public and private basis.

On the issuer’s side, offers a variety of financing solutions and provides access to equity, mezzanine and debt capital.

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