Why Swiss Fintechs Should Attend 2023’s Hong Kong Fintech Week and Singapore Fintech Festival

Why Swiss Fintechs Should Attend 2023’s Hong Kong Fintech Week and Singapore Fintech Festival

by October 12, 2023

As we head towards the end of the year, fintech innovators, experts and decision-makers are gearing up for the world’s largest fintech conferences. These large-scale events, which include the annual Hong Kong Fintech Week and the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF), are treasure troves of knowledge and allow industry stakeholders to not only keep up with the latest innovations but also build meaningful business connections and engage with a massive audience of potential customers.

Each year, these two multi-day events bring together tens of thousands of participants to discuss the sector’s most pressing challenges and biggest opportunities, showcase the latest technologies, and explore what’s next in fintech.

Skill development is another facet that these events cater to. Through workshops, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, professionals are able to delve deep into specific fintech areas, refining their skills and gaining expertise in niche domains.

By attracting influential figures from the fintech ecosystem, including policymakers and industry pioneers, fintech leaders and professionals also get to gain unique insights and perspectives, providing them with an edge in their strategic planning.

But beyond the learning aspect, these events are also designed to facilitate the building of business relationships. Acting as hubs for networking, they often lead to potential partnerships, collaborations, and even client acquisitions.

With the 2023 Hong Kong Fintech Week and SFF just around the corner, we look today at the key highlights of this year’s events, focusing on their main themes, what participants can expect, and why these events are critical to attend for fintech companies aiming to thrive in the industry.

2023 Hong Kong Fintech Week: What to expect

2023 Hong Kong Fintech Week


The annual Hong Kong Fintech Week, taking place this year from October 30, 2023 to November 05, 2023, is a cross-boundary fintech event held in Hong Kong, one of the Asia’s biggest financial hubs, and Shenzhen. It’s one of the largest fintech conferences on the calendar, bringing together key industry stakeholders, experts as well as the sector’s most innovative entrepreneurs.

Like previous editions, this year’s Hong Kong Fintech Week is set to be a focal point for the global fintech community to convene and is poised to be a melting pot of pioneering ideas, stratagems, and breakthroughs.

The 2023 edition, which will be held in a hybrid format, will offer businesses a golden opportunity to spotlight their products and solutions to an audience of over 30,000 attendees from more than 95 economies, including global and regional media. This makes the 2023 Hong Kong Fintech Week a strategic avenue for organizations to amplify brand recognition and foster connections with potential clientele and investors.

In addition to its massive reach, those attending the week-long event will get a comprehensive experience encompassing panel discussions and keynotes tackling current trends, hurdles, as well as the envisioned trajectory of finance and technology; workshops focusing on niche areas within fintech to equip participants with updated insights and methodologies; networking sessions to foster collaborations and partnerships; and business matchmaking sessions.

The 2023 Hong Kong Fintech Week will also feature exhibitions, showcasing more than 700 budding startups and tech leaders to deliver a comprehensive view of what’s next in fintech. Over 500 of the world’s top speakers including fintech founders, investors, regulators, and academics, will be taking the stage, and more than 350 regional and international media are expected to join this year’s edition.

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SFF 2023: Focus on AI

SFF 2023, taking place from November 15 to 17, 2023, promises to be an epicenter of discussion, innovation, and future-forward thinking in the world of financial technology.

This year’s event will put an emphasis on the rising adoption and growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and explore the myriad of ways in which AI can revolutionize financial services. More than just a theoretical examination, SFF 2023 intends to provide pragmatic insights into how contemporary technologies can be harnessed to tackle some of the most pressing challenges.

In particular, the event will focus on three main themes:

  • The potential of technology to fast-track the transition to a low-carbon future;
  • Rethinking the architecture of the financial systems to ensure they cater to the underserved; and
  • The use of technology to secure the digital economy against modern climate, technology and cyber risks.

Since its initiation in 2016, SFF has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s biggest platforms for global conversations on the confluence of technology, financial services, and public policy.

Over its tenure, the event has been graced by luminaries from diverse sectors, including philanthropy, finance, technology, and governance, featuring names such as Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Christine Lagarde, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In addition to its high-profile speakers, SFF’s allure lies in its wide-ranging opportunities for engagement. Participants attending the event get to:

  • Forge connections during the Industry Networking Party at Club Street and the Daily Networking Happy Hour;
  • Dive into focused discussions with the 1:1 Meetings, Business Matching sessions, or the dedicated office hours with regulators, mentors, and investors;
  • Explore investment avenues with over 470 promising startups;
  • Understand the latest in fintech from more than 500 exhibitors representing 134 countries; and
  • Gain deep insights from 850+ speakers spread across multiple stages tailored for diverse interests including policy, tech, regulation and environment, social, and governance (ESG) topics.

Demonstrating the event’s expansive reach and reflective of its success, the 2022 edition of SFF saw a congregation of over 62,000 participants from more than 115 countries. More than 10,000 organizations participated, content spanned more than 250 hours, and media mentions exceeded 10,000, showcasing the global attention the event garnered.

SFF not only provides businesses a platform to learn and keep up with the most cutting-edge technologies in the fintech space, it also offers professionals an opportunity to engage, network and be at the forefront of the future of finance and technology.

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