3 Newcomers Makes It Onto the Swiss Fintech Christmas Startup Map

3 Newcomers Makes It Onto the Swiss Fintech Christmas Startup Map

by December 16, 2020

Swisscom has released the updated Swiss Fintech Startup Map for December 2020, welcoming three new Swiss startups for the month.

The map provides regular updates on the Swiss fintech landscape in the region now displays a grand total of 376 Swiss fintech startups.

For this month, the Swiss fintech startups that have made their way onto the map are Relai, Allindex, and ROCKON Digital Evolution.



Relai provides a platform for anyone to invest in Bitcoin most conveniently. The app offers a stable process that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin directly from their bank account within 1 minute. Neither registration, onboarding, KYC verification nor deposit is required.


Allindex AGALLINDEX provides technology to the index industry. The company developed the first white-label index platform allowing index users to design, test and launch custom indices.

ROCKON Digital Evolution

ROCKON Digital Evolution AG

ROCKON Digital Evolution specialises in digital client onboarding, digital lifecycle management, and digital payment transactions. They are experts at analysing and transforming front-to-back processes into efficient digital business workflows and ensure a smooth integration into businesses.

Swiss Fintech Startup Map Dec 2020