The Best Online Fintech and Blockchain Courses to Take in 2020

The Best Online Fintech and Blockchain Courses to Take in 2020

by March 16, 2020

With fintech continuing to transform the banking and financial services landscape, we’ve compiled a list of 27 of the top online courses available out there that will help you better understand the technologies and trends reshaping the sector, and keep up with this rapidly evolving industry.


Fintech Security and Regulation (Regtech)

By The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Duration: 16 hours

The Fintech Security and Regulation (Regtech) course will helps students understand regtech and become more confident and persuasive in their ability to analyze and make recommendations to executives within the finance industry regarding how to react to these changes, e.g. regulations on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and initial coin offering (ICO). The course will present the views of several professors from the top business school in Asia as well as perspectives from industry professionals.

Students will learn about how fintech and regtech disrupt and transform the finance industry, as well as the challenges arising including data protection and security with digital forensics, risk management and corporate governance, know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML), as well as how governments in different countries take initiatives in fintech and regtech.


Blockchain and Fintech: Basics, Applications, and Limitations

By The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Duration: 6 weeks

Price: Free (add a verified certificate for US$149)

The 6-week Blockchain and Fintech: Basics, Applications, and Limitations online course will walk students through the design rationale behind blockchain and the issues for such decentralized ledger (transaction) systems, the underlying technology and how it makes blockchain works and safe, the differences between the various existing blockchain platforms and what these platforms can provide, blockchain applications, the technology’s limitations and challenges, and more.

The course will also briefly discuss the downside of blockchain with respect to the protection of criminal activities.


Introduction to Fintech


Duration: 6 weeks

Price: Free (add a verified certificate for US$199)

The Introduction to Fintech course, created by HKU with the support of SuperCharger and the Centre for Finance, Technology and Education (CFTE), is designed to enable learners with the necessary tools to understand the complex interaction of finance, technology and regulation.

In this course, through a series of video lectures, case studies, and assessments, students will explore the major areas of fintech including, what fintech is, payment and emerging technologies, digital finance and alternative finance, fintech regulation and regtech, data and security, and the future of data driven finance, as well as the core technologies driving fintech including blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.

These will set the stage for understanding the fintech landscape and ecosystem and grappling with the potential direction of future change.


Fintech Ethics and Risks


Duration: 6 weeks

Price: Free (add a verified certificate for US$149)

Fintech Ethics and Risks is a six-week online course covering 6 modules, representing the full spectrum of finance, technology, and the introduction of fintech solutions globally.

It will ask questions that are not often asked or addressed when new technologies are adopted: why should we adopt fintech solutions, and what are the best ways to introduce disruptive technologies? How does blockchain technology change the way we provide financial services, and how should blockchain technology be governed? Is fintech creating risks in cybersecurity and how can technology help us prevent financial crimes? As AI is developed and adopted, will human biases and prejudices be built into such mechanisms? And at a larger scope, should fintech lead to a decentralized, democratized system of finance, or will existing institutions adopt fintech strategies to cement their existing hold on the financial markets?

Through discussing and attempting to answer these questions, students will understand better how the introduction of these technologies can benefit or harm society. And through considering the proper application or introduction of such technologies, they will learn to make better decisions as an individual and organization when facing the question: is fintech our savior or a villain?


Professional Program Certificate in Fintech


Duration: 18 weeks

Price: US$358

In this interdisciplinary Professional Certificate program in Fintech, participants will learn about the world of fintech and the opportunities and challenges it is bringing around the world. The Professional Certificate program will give them the tools to understand the interaction of finance and technology across the financial system as well as gain insight into the major technologies involved and the emerging business models and players in the industry.

This program is designed for those working in finance, technology, regulation or fintech, those studying related subjects, or those just interested in learning more about one of the most exciting processes underway today.

Each course will bring together leading experts in fintech from a range of backgrounds, including professors, market professionals, and entrepreneurs. Designed by leading academics from a range of disciplines with input from industry leaders including among others SuperCharger, CFTE, Microsoft, PwC and the Asia Capital Markets Institute, each course will provide the tools necessary to transform one’s own future in fintech.

Over each week of each course, participants will gain a greater understanding of the key trends in finance, technology, and regulation, to better prepare for not only the opportunities but also the risks and challenges, including to traditional financial institutions and business models and those working in them.


Fintech Disruptive Innovation: Implications for Society

By The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Duration: 12 hours

The Fintech Disruptive Innovation: Implications for Society course will help participants understand how disruptive innovations create opportunity in finance industry and their impact on society.

They will be able to examine and analyze how fintech innovations will affect companies that relates to fintech services and how it might affect their career in finance.

They will learn about how peer-to-peer (P2P) lending disrupt finance industry in different countries, the diversity of impact by fintech in the comparison of East vs West, how to predict fintech trends in different markets, and more.


Fintech Risk Management

By The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Duration: 18 hours

The Fintech Risk Management course will help students understand risk management and corporate governance in finance industry with the disruption by fintech and regtech.

They will become more confident to analyze and make recommendations to develop business strategies balancing the risks in operation, reputation and the stability of finance firms.

They will learn about new challenges of compliance with financial requirements and government regulations, strategies in analyzing fintech risk and how operation risks increase in finance industry in this changing environment.

As tech firms are now becoming more like finance firms such as Alibaba, Apple, and Tencent etc., they will learn about the importance of IT compliance and assurance and practical skills in dealing with these changes.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

By 101 Blockchain

Price: Free

Ccertified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

This course is specifically designed to guide you through the various aspects of blockchain technologies and how they impact enterprise business imperatives. You will learn how to practically engage with enterprise executives and match their needs with pragmatic and immediately effective solutions.

To become a valuable blockchain expert and increase your business opportunities in the dynamic world of enterprise blockchain, you need more than just a title, you need a set of up-to-date practical tools and applicable knowledge.

Register now for this career-boosting opportunity, prepare for your professional future and join the blockchain revolution!


Enterprise Blockchains and Supply Chain Management

By 101 Blockchain

Price: $500 | 20% off with code vip20fintechnews

Enterprise Blockchains and Supply Chain Management


This course is specifically designed to educate professionals about the practical aspects of blockchain technologies and how they impact enterprise supply chain operations.

This course will help enterprise executives who are familiar with supply chain processes but need guidance with leveraging that knowledge into a successful digital transformation program.

Similarly, consultants and software vendors will benefit tremendously from this course. This course will help them upskill their knowledge about blockchain’s underlying technology by learning how to identify which parts of their clients’ supply chains would benefit the most once digitized.

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Enterprise Blockchains and Trade Finance

By 101 Blockchain

Price: $800 | 20% off with code vip20fintechnews

Enterprise Blockchains and Trade FinanceThis course is specifically designed to guide you through the various aspects of enterprise blockchain’s revolutionary trade finance platforms. You will learn how blockchain enables trade participants to replace the paper-intensive exchange, and utilize new digital equivalents to activate working capital finance schemes. This course will provide you with the tools to positively impact the world of trade finance, and in particular, trade operations.

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Enterprise Blockchains Actionable Tools & Professional Templates

By 101 Blockchain

Price: $249 | 20% off with code vip20fintechnews

Enterprise Blockchains Actionable Tools & Professional Templates

101 Blockchains want to help you become a leading enterprise blockchain professional. Our goal is to equip all our students with actionable tools that they can easily apply in their blockchain-related projects.

To make sure our students know how to engage suitably with enterprise decision-makers and advise them about the relevance of blockchain technology to their business, 101 Blockchains built this template collection.

In this collection, you will find actionable templates that will help you identify which parts of an enterprise’s current IT architectures would benefit most from integrating blockchain-based applications. The templates will also assist you in choosing the best implementation strategy possible.

These templates will help you understand if and when blockchain technology is a proper fit for a company. It will also guide you through the process and make sure you are asking the correct questions, and checking all the boxes. Our templates are the best way for professionals to prepare for their engagement with enterprise clients and create proper work processes.

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Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals

By 101 Blockchain

Price: FREE


Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals

The “Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals” free course is the first step in the journey for any professional looking to upgrade his skills and position in the corporate world. In this course, you will learn the basics of blockchain technology, how it works, and how it will boost your career.

101 Blockchains developed this course especially for people who want to learn more about blockchain but need familiarization with basic blockchain definitions. The purpose of 101Blockchains is to enhance your skillset and unlock new blockchain-related opportunities for you.

So, if you want to join the blockchain revolution and gain valuable knowledge that will help you advance your career, this course is a vital initial step.

As you probably know, to improve your career you must have dedication, focus, and a carefully built skill set that is industry-recognized and valued. If you’re a professional consultant, project manager or executive, you know how important it is to learn the fundamentals of blockchain and it’s implications.

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Foundations and Applications of Financial Technologies Specialization

By Wharton Online

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Price: US$79/month

Wharton Online’s Foundations and Applications of Financial Technologies Specialization will teach students the essential aspects of technology-driven financial strategies, from complex regulations to cryptocurrency.

Participants will also learn how modern investment strategies deploy technology to produce optimal results, explore the disruptive force of changing payment methods, analyze the changing regulatory landscape, and gain a deeper understanding of robo-advising, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and blockchain.


Fintech: Foundations, Payments, and Regulations

By Wharton Online

Duration: 9 hours

In the Fintech: Foundations, Payments, and Regulations course, participants will learn the key components of modern-day investment strategies which utilize fintech. Professors Natasha Sarin and Chris Geczy of the Wharton School have designed this course to help them understand the complex structure of payment methods and financial regulations, so they can determine how fintech plays a role in the future of investing.

Through analysis of robo-advising and changing demographic forces, participants will learn how basic elements of trust underlie complex choice architecture in investments and impact investing. They will also explore payment methodologies and how fintech is emerging as an entrepreneurial solution to both investments and payment systems.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to identify different financial technologies, and understand the dynamic between the innovations and regulations, and employ best practices in developing fintech strategies.


Around Fintech in 8 Hours

By Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Duration: 6 months

Price: £360

Around Fintech in 8 Hours is the first executive program built for senior professionals and entrepreneurs to lead the transformation of the finance industry.

The course has a flexible, modular structure, which is suitable for busy professionals working in finance and technology who want to learn about fintech in a self-paced approach.

Participants will be able to have a comprehensive overview on the most relevant trends through a highly structured curriculum delivered in a concise package, and will learn from 20 industry experts who work across the gamut of finance and technology. These experts will share their experience and in-depth knowledge throughout the course, and provide their unique perspectives on fintech developments in the US, Europe and Asia.

The online course is comprised of video lectures taught by the senior lecturers, readings that complement the topics addressed in the lectures, and video interviews from industry experts to illustrate specific points raised by the lecturers.


Fintech Foundation Course


Duration: 8 hours

Price: £299

The Fintech Foundation Course is an introductory course to learn about fintech and digital finance from CFTE. It targets finance professionals, entrepreneurs, and technologists.

The course has been designed in collaboration with 4 senior lecturers and 16 industry experts from across finance, to give a comprehensive breakdown of main fintech trends in a simple and concise manner.

In eight hours, students will have a solid foundation in fintech. They will learn from world class experts such as Claire Calmejane (CIO at Societe Generale), Rob Frohwein (CEO of Kabbage), Ronit Ghose (Global Head of Bank Research at Citi) and many others.


Artificial Intelligence in Finance


Duration: 12 hours

Price: £499

Artificial Intelligence in Finance is an online course jointly developed by CFTE and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The course consists of video lectures, interviews with guest speakers, supplementary readings and quizzes, which guide participants through the various applications of AI in finance. Its online format allows for independent, self-paced learning, where the content delivered by a diverse group of AI experts can be accessed at any time.

The course’s mission is to provide learners with the tools and the knowledge to embrace the AI revolution in finance. Participants will learn from industry leaders who work at the largest financial institutions, fast growing startups, investors and regulators. Those leaders will share their experience and in-depth knowledge through the course, and give a unique insight on the use of AI in finance in the US, Europe and Asia.


Fintech and the Transformation in Financial Services

By Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

Duration: 4 weeks

Price: Free

The fintech revolution is rapidly transforming the financial industry. The use of digital technologies is the norm, and together with regulatory and market changes it is creating a revolution.

After completion of the Fintech and the Transformation in Financial Services module, participants will be able to describe the changes that influence the financial sector, understand the complexity of the payment infrastructure, identify and explain the key payment instruments and how they function, understand the types of money that exits, and recognize changes in the regulatory frameworks and how they inhibit or promote innovation.


Digital Competition in Financial Services


Duration: 4 weeks

Price: Free

The Digital Competition in Financial Services course aims to teach participants about the transformational forces of digitalization and the new competitive dynamics it gives rise to.

Students will learn from leading financial companies and see inspirational examples from the digital masters. They will also be introduced to the Capstone Project and have a chance to form some preliminary solutions for a financial company seeking a new strategy for the digital age of finance.



By Harvard

Duration: 6 weeks

Price: US$3,600

In recent years, the fintech landscape has been defined by disruptive digital technology transforming banking and financial services. Since then, fintech companies have successfully filled gaps left by existing financial institutions to serve customers’ evolving needs. The industry is now defined by innovation drivers, moving beyond disruption and towards widely adopted technology.

This online short course by Harvard aims to offer an up-to-date look into the maturing fintech industry. It will provide expert guidance and insight into the shifting nature of the financial sector and a holistic understanding of the technologies and innovations set to shape the future of finance and business.

Utilizing innovative pedagogical approaches pioneered by the Harvard Business School, this course adapts the Case Method Approach for online education by presenting real-life challenges that reflect the complex, dynamic nature of the fintech landscape.


Blockchain 101 Course

By Fintech School

Price: US$99

The blockchain represents a way to transfer value, securely and with no central authority involved. It is arguably the most important technological innovation of the past two decades. Blockchain technology is poised to disrupt the world in a way that we haven’t seen since the introduction of the world wide web.

It’s important to understand this technology because its impact on society is likely to be very significant, across several industries.

The Blokchain 101 Course will cover relevant historical events, what a blockchain is, who the players are, and why this is so important. The objective of this course is to make participants familiar with the relevant terminology, understand why the technology matters, how it is designed, and more.


Insurtech 101 Course

By Fintech School

Price: US$121

The Insurtech 101 Course covers what insurtech is, the factors supporting the emergence of insurtech sector, the regulatory implications for insurtech, the business models and the key commercial drivers as well as the key players including stakeholders and recent trends.

The course will also explore B2B and B2C insurtech case studies, what to expect in the coming years, insurtech’s impact on the traditional insurance industry, and more.

This course is recommended for anyone who is new to the insurance industry and is exploring ways to disrupt with insurtech products/ solutions. This is also recommended for those in the traditional Insurance industry who are interested in learning about the emerging insurtech industry.


Fintech Certification Course

By Imarticus Learning

Duration: 125 hours

The Fintech Prodegree, in association with Rise Mumbai as the Knowledge Partner, is a first-of-its-kind 125-hour online program providing in-depth exposure to four key fintech domains through a rigorous industry-aligned curriculum. The program also features capstone projects, case studies and periodic interaction with industry leaders and entrepreneurs in the fintech space.

The program includes case studies by fintech pioneers, exposure to technologies such as blockchain, robotics, machine learning and advanced analytics, virtual lectures, capstone projects, social learning, and more.


Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity


Start date: February 4, 2020

Duration: 6 weeks

Price: US$2,300

The Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity online program provides a hands-on, interactive tour of the five key technologies transforming industry and commerce.

Professionals in traditional companies as well as entrepreneurs seeking to harness the opportunities afforded by new technologies, will learn about the five biggest drivers of change: blockchain, cloud, AI, the Internet-of-Things (IoT), and cybersecurity, instilling confidence to navigate the digital frontier. Led by MIT faculty at the forefront of data science, participants will learn the history and application of these five transformative technologies.


Oxford Fintech Programme

Start date: February 26, 2020

Duration: 8 weeks

Price: £2,650

The Oxford Fintech Programme is designed to equip participants with the ability to identify opportunities for disruption in the financial services sector.

The program will give them all the skillsets and knowledge to launch new fintech ventures and harness new technology to build better financial services firms. They will get to learn to draft, strategize and develop disruptive fintech innovations and hypothesize about the effect new regulations will have on future commerce products.

They will also learn how to predict possible future trends in fintech, regtech and proptech, and gain insight on the future of money, markets and transactions.


Fintech Law and Policy

By Duke University

Duration: 5 weeks

Through the Fintech Law and Policy course, students will learn about the critical legal, regulatory, and policy issues associated with cryptocurrencies, ICOs, online lending, new payments and wealth management technologies, and financial account aggregators.

In addition, they will learn how regulatory agencies in the US are continually adjusting to the emergence of new financial technologies and how one specific agency has proposed a path for fintech firms to become regulated banks. They will also learn the basics of how banks are regulated in the US.


Blockchain Certifications

By Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council offers several Blockchain Certifications specially designed for individuals intending to make a career in the blockchain domain.

These certifications render the required in-depth knowledge of the core concepts of blockchain and have proven to be the gateway to a lucrative career in the blockchain domain.

These certifications focus on various specializations in blockchain such as Corda, Hyperledger, smart contracts, Quorum and blockchain applications to specific industries such as healthcare, supply chain, digital marketing, and more.