Online Invoicing and Accounting Solutions for Self-Employed and SMEs in Switzerland

Online Invoicing and Accounting Solutions for Self-Employed and SMEs in Switzerland

by June 23, 2019

In the traditional business model, invoices are created at the end of each billing period, then printed, put in an envelope and mailed to the customers. However, there are several problems and drawbacks with this method including the fact that it is time-consuming, subject to human error and highly inefficient. Not to mention the risk of your invoice getting lost in the mail.

Electronic invoice, or e-invoicing, solves these problems, making it much faster and easier to send out invoices and track them. Furthermore, online billing can significantly reduce costs and speed up payments.

The online invoicing and accounting industry already counts a number of success stories. Xero, a leading cloud accounting company based in New Zealand, has recently passed its million-customer milestone. Founded in 2006, the firm develops accounting software for small and medium-sized enterprises, and is listed on both the New Zealand Exchange and Australian Securities Exchange.

Startup Competition venture

In Switzerland, several companies have emerged in recent years to provide freelancers, self-employed and smaller businesses with affordable and efficient online invoicing and accounting software. Today, we look at some of the solutions and providers in Switzerland. offers affordable accounting and fiduciary services to self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 20 employees.

Customers simply need to send their supporting documents every month including all their receipts, invoices, expenses receipts, etc by email. The company then carries out the accounting and sends back a monthly analysis as well as balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. At the beginning of the year, clients receive the complete bookkeeping for tax return.


accountoAccounto Technology operates a new and innovative online accounting platform that leverages machine learning, self-recognition and advanced accounting processes to enable a high level automation.

The platform processes paper-based and PDF documents which are then handled by the Machine Learning application.

Accounto focuses on providing customers with a simple, intuitive and all-inclusive solution to businesses.



bexioFounded in 2013, bexio is a Zurich-based startup that develops and sells software for small and medium-sized companies. In particular, bexio offers cloud-based business and accounting software solutions, allowing companies to manage their customers, write quotes and invoice, and more.

bexio serves over 8,000 businesses, startups and self-employed individuals. Packages start at CHF 29/month and can do up to CHF 54/month.

The company was named the Best Software Startup in 2016, as well as the SFS Startup of the Month in August 2016.



CashCtrlCashCtrl is an online business management and accounting software for small and medium-sized enterprises, accountants and freelancers developed and operated by Swiss company Repix Ltd.

The solution aims to provide a clear, intuitive, well-arranged and tidy user interface that is easy to use. Clients can create invoices with their own logo and articles from the inventory. The platform allows double-entry bookkeeping and comes with an address book. It also provides real-time reports.

CashCtrl offers a free package and a pro (premium) option with additional features and functionalities. The pro version costs CHF 290 a year.

Run my Accounts

Run-my-AccountsFounded in 2008, Run my Accounts focuses on providing simple, efficient and comprehensive accounting software to small and medium-sized businesses and startups in Switzerland.

It offers customers a very simple process to manage their accounts. They simply need to scan documents and trigger the payment the next day in e-banking. Its online accounting system gives daily insights into their figures. Packages start at CHF 9.90 per user per month for its online software. Run my Accounts also provides accounting, bookkeepping and other related services.

Run my accounts claims to serve 10 of the top 100 Swiss startups.



smallinvoiceSmallinvoice, a service of Lourens Systems, is an online software for invoicing, payables, project management and time reporting. It was specifically designed for optimal use in Switzerland.

Smallinvoice offers integration with services such as Postfinance PSP, E-Invoice, Paypal, and more. It requires no installation or maintenance and works completely inside the browser. Customers can customize layouts using their logo and branding and create documents in four different languages: French, Italian, German and English.

Packages start at CHF 0 per month for occasional invoicing and for one user only, and go up to CHF 45/month for up to five users and additional functionalities.



Z-RechnungZ-Rechnung provides automated invoice processing for small and medium-sized enterprises, freelancers and startups. The solution can be used online or in combination with an existing ERP.

Z-Rechnung lets customers create, send, receive and process structured electronic invoices. The platform integrates several payments options including SEPA, credit card and Paypal. The basic package is free of charge. The monthly plan can go up to 1,500 EUR for larger scale businesses.


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