Survey: Who’s the Top Swiss Fintech Startup of 2020?

Survey: Who’s the Top Swiss Fintech Startup of 2020?

by December 15, 2020

For three years now, Fintech News Switzerland has published its Top Swiss Fintech Startups list, which recognizes Switzerland’s most innovative fintech companies.

We are now running a survey and asking the community to elect this year’s top Swiss fintech company.

The 19 nominees for 2020 were selected beginning of the year based on the successes and achievements they’ve made over the past year, as well as the impact they’ve had on the finance, banking and insurance industries.

Startup Competition venture

These fintech companies have seen strong growth, and at a faster pace than competitors. They have garnered significant traction from the community and are poised for grander aspirations in the years to come.

We are now letting the community elect the most outstanding fintech company for 2020 out our selection of the Top 20 Swiss Fintech Startups in 2020 (excluding Traxia). Participants also have the option to name any other Swiss fintech company that didn’t make the list but which they believe deserve the spot.


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Aidonic is a social fundraising and digital aid distribution technology platform for humanitarian aid and development programs. Leveraging blockchain technology, the platform allows non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charities and governments to distribute tokenized aid vouchers, entitlements, or digital cash, straight to the intended end-beneficiaries, in a transparent and efficient way.


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Nummo is a personal financial management platform that allows users to manage, maintain and improve their financial health. The platform consolidates and analyzes users’ financial situation, allowing them to understand their finances. It also provides them with conflict-free options to choose from, as well as financial education resources.


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Billte is an end-to-end invoicing tool that digitalize the process for companies and consumers. For companies, Billte reduces the time and expenses spent dealing with invoicing. For consumers, Billte makes paying invoices fast and easy and offers them various payment methods such as bank transfers, credit card and instalment payments.


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Orca is a wealthtech startup, providing advisors and family offices with a tech platform that allows for wealth structuring, succession planning, tax and compliance, family reporting and more.


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Blockimmo is a blockchain-powered regulated platform, enabling shared property investments and ownership. The decentralized online real-estate marketplace uses tokenization to facilitate the investment-in and sale-of Swiss real-estate. Investments can be made in small stakes, they are liquid, making the market more assessable.

Clear Minds

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Clear Minds is a digital investment platform that handles advisory and investment processes. Based on client risk tolerance and goals, Clear Minds provides proposals that can be further optimized and personalized for the user.


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Polixis is a leading regtech and advisory firm specializing in emerging markets risk and compliance. Its product, ARDIS, is automation software that provides compliance and economic data specializing in anti-money laundering, international sanction regimes, political and regulatory risk management.


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Dextra is a young online insurance company that entered the legal protection insurance business in 2012 with the intention of offering more comprehensive and customer-friendly products. In 2017 this provider of direct insurance also ventured into the car insurance sector. Dextra is widely known for providing generous range of customization options and flexible cancellation periods.


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SEBA Bank is a licensed and supervised Swiss bank providing a seamless, secure and easy-to-use bridge between digital and traditional assets. SEBA Bank enables professional individuals and companies as well as institutional clients to invest, safely keep, trade and borrow against digital and traditional assets, all in one place. For Swiss blockchain companies, SEBA Bank provides accounts and custody for fiat and digital assets.

Futurae Technologies

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Futurae Technologies, founded by ETH Zurich security researchers (ETH spin-off), offers modular two-factor authentication for high security, all the while never compromising on the customer experience or privacy. The platform offers a full range of authentication, passwordless solutions and transaction signing for Web and Mobile Application like eBanking, mobile Banking or customer portals that grant companies complete flexibility i.e. from Hardware, to novel Software-based solutions together with protection from Social Engineering attacks for Web banking.

Sygnum Bank

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Sygnum Bank is the world’s first regulated digital asset bank and a digital asset specialist serving institutional and private qualified investors, corporates, banks and other financial institutions.

Clients use their deposited CHF, EUR, SGD and USD to securely buy, trade and hold an expanding range of digital assets integrated in one account. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple’s XRP protocol token, a Digital CHF token for instant settlements, and soon a diverse range of asset tokens.

Sygnum’s portfolio of regulated digital asset banking services includes digital asset accounts and custody, brokerage, tokenization solutions, asset management, lending and B2B banking services.

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Operated by GTF Gesellschaft für technologiebasiert Finanzdienstleistungen, is a digital mortgage platform that connects property owners with banks, insurance companies and pension funds. The platform offers both mortgage advice and digitalizes the supply and demand of the mortgage market.


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Tokenestate is a security token issuance and management platform. Leveraging blockchain technology and digital signatures, the platform makes investing in private companies and real estate faster, cheaper and easier. With Tokenestate, businesses can issue financial securities, raise funds, manage investors relations at scale, comply with financial regulations, and more.


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Legartis is a legal tech startup developing a contract intelligence software. Trained by legal experts and using the latest technologies in machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI), the solution automates the analysis of contracts, helping companies’ legal and compliance departments, HR and procurement to review, analyze, amend and manage all legal documents throughout their entire life cycle.


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With offices in Switzerland and Australia, Tradeplus24 provides easy, flexible funding to SMEs overlooked by the big banks and overcharged by independent factoring providers. The platform offers financing against a very wide range of receivables (worldwide, smaller buyers), providing transparent pricing, with no hidden fees. Tradeplus24’s majority shareholder is Credit Suisse.

linkedin facebook twitter is an independent online comparison service for banking, insurance and telecom. More than 100 unbiased comparison tools and calculators are available on, along with useful financial guides and timely news. The comprehensive comparison tools help users find the right insurance policies, bank accounts, credit and prepaid cards, loans, mortgages, trading accounts and telecom products for their needs.

Mt Pelerin

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Mt Pelerin is creating in Switzerland a full reserve financial institution entirely built on the blockchain. The company has developed an in-house, open core banking system which integrates an advanced compliant tokenization technology. With this technology, Mt Pelerin aims to offer individuals and businesses possibilities including crypto-fiat deposits and payments, crypto-fiat trading, loans and financing through the issuance and trading of tokenized securities, tokenized funds, and more.

Mt Pelerin will also enable traditional financial institutions to benefit from this new model, with an open access to its tokenized ecosystem as market participants and suppliers.


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Vlot is the provider of risk management services that facilitate the process of insurance risk analysis, coverage, and monitoring. The company’s platform assesses and visualizes risk coverage for possible gaps, enhances coverage to close any identified gap, updates parameters to optimize and adjust coverage, and recommends the insurance scheme that suits one’s needs.


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Yova is an investment platform that enables users to achieve their financial goals by investing their savings 100% consistent with their values and lifestyle. Yova’s investment experts create free investment strategies tailored to users’ personal values and financial goals. Topics include renewable energy, electromobility, medical technology, gender equality, human rights and more.


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