Swiss Fintech Startup Map April Welcomes 4 Newcomers

Swiss Fintech Startup Map April Welcomes 4 Newcomers

by April 3, 2020

Swisscom released the new Swiss Fintech Startup Map for April 2020.

Four new Swiss Fintech Startups joined the map.


ALQUANTAlquant improves traditional asset management through quantitative methods and artificial intelligence.


Secure tokenization and trading of industrial assets through distributed ledger technology (DLT).


Rivero enables financial institutions to streamline digital payments, gain efficiency and unleash their full potential.


TresioTresio is the Swiss solution for cash flow management and liquidity planning.


The new Swiss Fintech ecosystem map counts now in a total 355 Swiss Fintech Startups.

Swiss FinTech startup Map April

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