Swiss Fintech Startup Map Welcomes 2 Newcomers in July

Swiss Fintech Startup Map Welcomes 2 Newcomers in July

by July 16, 2020

Swisscom released the new Swiss Fintech Startup Map for July 2020.

With Achiko and Fyooz, two new Swiss Fintech Startups joined the map. In total 350 Swiss Fintech Startups are now on the map.


Established in 2018, Achiko is a platform company, with a presence in Indonesia and Switzerland, which owns and operates technologies globally that Enable consumers to Pay, offers consumers Things to Do, and provides Reasons to Stay through a range of engaging social features. Social and gaming features will be added to the platform beginning in Q3 and Q4 of 2020.


Fyooz, a token market place which claims to provide a platform where stars, celebrities, idols, talents, causes and more can be tokenised. They managed to secure over USD$2 million from investors where the FYZ coin is the currency of the Fyooz platform. Their tokens are not qualified by FINMA as security or payment tokens which means that the operation of the Fyooz marketplace is not subject to licensing requirements under the Financial Market Infrastructure Act or qualification as an organised trading system. FYZ will be available from September 2020 from the Bibox cryptocurrency exchange.


The new Swiss fintech ecosystem map counts now in a total 350 Swiss Fintech Startups.

Swiss Fintech Map July 2020