Venture Leader: Swiss National Fintech Team 2020

Venture Leader: Swiss National Fintech Team 2020

by September 16, 2020

Venturelab introduced the new team of Swiss fintech startups that are ready to advance their international presence and growth.

Following in the footsteps of successful alumni, the 10 startups will kick off their Venture Leaders experience in November and participate in the virtual edition of the Hong Kong Fintech Week.

Venturelab has been organizing international roadshows for the Swiss National Startup Team for 16 years. The ambitious entrepreneurs and their startups are introduced to investors and potential customers in technology hubs in Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, China, and Barcelona.

Swiss fintech startups raised more than CHF 133 million last year, and the sector’s leaders plan to keep growing and going global.

Venture Leaders Fintech winners 2020

Curio Capital AG (CurioInvest) | Rey Fernando Verboonen | | Zug

Collectibles as an alternative investment have historically outperformed established indexes, yet it remains extraordinarily challenging to invest in them. CurioInvest provides a gateway to purchasing fully assessed and exclusively secured ultra-rare cars─or invest in profit-sharing digital assets that trade like stocks.

Cybera Global AG | Nicola Staub | | Zurich

cybera. global combines unique industry knowledge and professional insights with the latest technology to build a fintech platform that prevents financially motivated cybercrime for financial institutions and governments.

eCollect AG | Marc Schillinger | | Baar

eCollect is a fintech-driven startup with an end-to-end, cross-border receivables management platform that was developed in-house. eCollect make use of best-in-class AI solutions to turn traditional invoicing, dunning, and debt collection into an innovative, fully digitalized experience for all industry sectors and their clients.

flov technologies AG | Anton Golub | | Zug

flovtec is a Swiss technology company specializing in providing liquidity to tokens and exchanges in the growing digital asset space. The flovtec platform and algorithms deliver highly scalable liquidity solutions, making digital assets attractive to investors while complying with the Swiss regulatory framework.

SIBEX AG | Daniel Haudenschild | | Zug

SIBEX is the most intuitive and straightforward way for users to trade between a network or chat group. The SIBEX Personal Server is a cloud trading desk that allows users to trade immediately, and without a middleman, on the public blockchains of BTC and Ethereum and access their server from anywhere.

SwissBorg Invest SA | Cyrus Fazel | | Lausanne

SwissBorg is decentralizing wealth management by making it fun, fair, and community centric. Their showcase product, the Wealth App, allows users to buy, sell, and exchange digital assets -with features like AI-powered asset analysis and portfolio analytics to help them make smart investment decisions.

Teylor AG | Patrick Stäuble | | Zurich

Teylor brings small business lending into the 21st century by automating and digitalizing the entire commercial credit process. The company uses its technology to provide one of the fastest business loans and offers banks a SaaS solution to digitalize their own lending processes.

Vima Link SA | Raphaël Héraïef | | Martigny

Based on 10 years of research at the Idiap, Vima Behavioural AI can improve credit score systems from a short 1-3 minutes video presentation of borrower applicants. The AI platform can replicate expert assessments to understand traits such as conscientiousness, which correlate to financial risk-taking and capabilities to plan and repay. The system is transparent, minimizes bias, and improves risk-taking balance.

Wecan Tokenize SA | Mathieu Saint-Cyr | | Geneva

Wecan Tokenize (WCT) is the first end-to-end institutional tokenization solution. It aims to use the power of blockchain to digitize assets, making them more liquid and easier to transfer. WCT is focusing on offering the best service for institutional clients so that they can include digital tokens as part of their investment options.

Yova AG | Tillmann Lang | | Zurich

Yova is a digital platform for investing with a sustainability impact. Yova customers invest directly into companies that help solve global problems, e.g., by fighting climate change or by promoting human rights. All investments are professionally diversified portfolios that are designed to deliver an attractive financial return.



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