Top Fintech Companies Social Media Accounts and Blogs in Switzerland

Top Fintech Companies Social Media Accounts and Blogs in Switzerland

by October 6, 2016

By using social media marketing properly, companies can offer content in a more conversational and personal way.

Blogs are essential parts of most social media programs and are still often the hubs of content marketing strategies. Blogs can be a great way to connect with customers, potential customers and the industry.

In the Swiss fintech ecosystem, a few company are excelling at offering great content.


Here are our top Swiss fintech company blogs:

Best company blogs

MyMoneyPark AG

moneypark blogFounded in 2011, MoneyPark is a technology-based advisory platform for financial products, specializing in the independent brokerage of mortgages and pension products as well as asset management.

MoneyPark’s blog provides resources and advice on topics such as mortgage, investment, life insurance, real estate and more.


qontis blog swiss fintechQontis is an online personal financial management platform part of a commercial enterprise between the Neue Zürcher Zeitung media property and e-banking solutions provider Crealogix.

The platform provides users with the ability to document and organize data from all instances of private income and expenditures.

Qontis’ Magazine shares tips helping readers with anything from finding student jobs, writing successful resumes, to informing them on topics such as the Swiss banking secrecy, crowdfunding platforms, and mobile payments.


moneyland blog top swiss is a Swiss comparison service site for insurance, loans, credit cards, bank accounts, consumer credits, interest rates, trading and more.

The company’s Moneyland Magazine aims to help readers find their way around the finance jungle and inform them about a variety of financial topics. Apart from background articles and interviews with experts, readers also benefit from tips helping them with their financial needs.

Other notable mentions include Dealmarket, Twint, Run My Accounts, Advanon, Splendit, Global Impact Finance (operator of Tawipay), and True Wealth.


best blogs swiss fintech startups

Best of social media

When it comes to social media, a few Swiss fintech companies are standing out.

On Facebook, bitcoin-centric Swiss companies are killing it. The top two company Facebook accounts that have the most fans are Xapo and ShapeShilft, with respectively 49,612 and 42,879 fans.

They are followed by Netkoon (operator of Squirro) with 9,726 fans; I believe in you, 8,158 fans; and Ethereum Switzerland, 8,016 fans.

Other active companies on Facebook but that are lacking traction include MyMoneyPark, MoneyLand, and Knip.


facebook activity swiss fintech

In terms of Klout scores, Ethereum, Shapeshift and Monetas are the top ranked companies with respectively 64, 56 and 51 out of 100. The Klout score, which uses algorithms comb through social media data, measures one’s online influence.


klout score fintech startups swiss social media report

Unsurprisingly, Ethereum Switzerland also ranks as the top Swiss player when it comes to the number of Twitter followers with 20,700 followers.

Ethereum is followed by Xapo (8,965 followers), Shapeshift (8,717 followers), Monetas (7,567 followers) and Meetinvest (5,065 followers).

That being said, these companies aren’t the most active ones on the social network as Twint, Knip, MoneyLand, MyMoneyPark and Run My Accounts, are the companies that are the most dynamic on Twitter. (All numbers are based on December 2015)

twitter followers fintech swiss startup social media

Find out more about the top Swiss fintech startups:

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