Swiss SME Accelerator: Innosuisse Calls For Projects Submissions

Swiss SME Accelerator: Innosuisse Calls For Projects Submissions

by August 2, 2023

Swiss SMEs and start-ups that are established on the market and demonstrate above-average innovation potential can apply for direct financial support for innovation projects within the Swiss Accelerator programme. The novel products and services should be able to be implemented quickly and effectively and be scalable.

After the launch of the Swiss Accelerator in 2022, Innosuisse issues the second call for projects in 2023.

Dates and deadline:

28 August 2023 – Opening of the Innolink platform for the submission of the short application. Submissions by e-mail will not be considered

09 October 2023| 12:00 CEST (at noon) – Deadline for submission of the short application

The Swiss Accelerator remains a transitional measure for Horizon Europe in 2023, as decided by the Federal Council on 24 May 2023. Because Switzerland is considered a non-associated third country under the European Union’s framework programme, the Swiss government has commissioned Innosuisse to implement this transitional measure. It is financed by the Confederation.

The funding from Innosuisse is a maximum of 70 percent of project costs. The company bears 30 percent of the costs itself. Per application, Innosuisse funding amounts to a maximum of 2.5 million Swiss francs. SMEs and start-ups undergo a three-stage application process.

Requirements and evaluation criteria in detail

IMPORTANT: Start-ups that have not yet entered the market are not allowed to submit applications for Swiss Accelerator projects.

Is your start-up not yet present on the market with products or services?

Then the start-up innovation projects might be of interest to you. It is not possible to submit simultaneous applications to the Swiss Accelerator and for start-up innovation projects due to the defined criteria.

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