A New Swiss Smart Home Insurtech Startup Awarded at Major European Insurtech Conference

A New Swiss Smart Home Insurtech Startup Awarded at Major European Insurtech Conference

by July 3, 2019

More then 1’300 decision makers representing 56 countries attended the sixth edition of Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA).

DIA, is one of the largest ‘must see’ insurtech event in Europe and  took place 25-27 June in Amsterdam.

In only a few years DIA has evolved in the go-to place to get inspired on insurance innovation and to move this forward. The world’s leading carriers were all present and the event once again sold out, making this the insurtech summit of the year and confirming its position as the ‘must see event’ in insurtech and innovation in insurance.

7 DIAmond Award winners:

The many insurers and insurtech investors in the DIA audience awarded seven insurtechs the DIAmond Award for insurtech with most strategic impact; in random order:

mitipi (Switzerland)

mitipiincreasing home safety and improving customer engagement by combining smart home technology & insurance.

Vayyar (Israel)

vayyarProvides valuable insights into health deterioration and falls of elderly persons, thus reducing costs related to emergency medical services and long-term hospitalization.

Breathomix (The Netherlands/Romania)

BreathomixCloud-based breath analysis solution for rapid and efficient diagnosis of different types of disease, empowering personalized medicine.

Leakbot (UK)

LeakbotConnected home, leak detection device & servicing, aiding with risk management and claims mitigation.

La Parisienne Assurances (France)

La Parisienne AssurancesBlockchain based white-label B2B2C full digital platform with innovative products aimed at the GIG economy and e-retailers.

Cytora (UK)

CytoraAI-powered solution for commercial insurance underwriting.

MDGo (Israel)

MDGoConnects automotive, healthcare and insurance, by combining vehicle damage estimation and injuries prediction, to decrease fraud and claim leakage.