YAPEAL Integrates Wise Platform to Bring Cheaper, Faster Remittance Services

YAPEAL Integrates Wise Platform to Bring Cheaper, Faster Remittance Services

by June 24, 2021

YAPEAL, developer of a blockchain-inspired digital-to-the-core and cloud-native banking platform for the Swiss retail banking market, has integrated the Wise platform to bring cheaper, faster international payments to its customers.

The firm’s customers will now be able to access Wise’s fast and low cost international money transfers to send money to over 80 countries around the world including the US, UK, Germany and France, directly from their YAPEAL account.

The company said that this integration also makes YAPEAL one of the first Swiss banks to provide international money transfers with no exchange rate markups and full price transparency to their customers.

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Globally, Wise Platform is live with banks in 10 countries across 4 continents. Wise Platform also comes pre-integrated in core banking platforms like Temenos, Mambu and Thought Machine.

 Daniel Capraro, Co-founder, YAPEAL.

Daniel Capraro

“Like Wise, our mission is to make payments fast, easy and convenient for all our customers, whether that’s domestically or across borders.


Integrating Wise Platform allowed us to do this without much additional and expensive build, enabling us to unlock simpler, faster and more transparent international payments for all YAPEAL customers in just 11 weeks from initiating integration to customer rollout,”

said Daniel Capraro, Co-founder, YAPEAL.



Featured image: Screengrab from YAPEAL