F10 Welcomes Swiss Hewlett Packard Enterprise Into Its Global Fintech Ecosystem

F10 Welcomes Swiss Hewlett Packard Enterprise Into Its Global Fintech Ecosystem

by May 26, 2021

F10 announced that it has partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Switzerland for its fintech accelerator programme along with other renown financial institutions, consulting and tech firms.

The partnership with F10 is a strategic initiative for HPE Switzerland’s focus in the fintech and deeptech space.

HPE provides business innovation in several verticals; Digital Hospital, Smart Factory and Retail, Smart City as well as Digital Banking – working closely together with startups to scale promising technologies to their customers globally.


Use cases HPE will focus on as part of the F10 partnership include fraud detection based on machine learning, increased security and safety leveraging artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT), and simplifying processes based on blockchain technology.

HPE has a track record of promoting business innovation with its Swiss startup program, its IoT Lab based in Geneva, and its global center of excellence for artificial intelligence based in Grenoble.

Through participation in the F10 ecosystem, HPE will have the opportunity to maximize their return on innovation by getting access to the latest trends, ideas, talents, and investment opportunities.

Joining the F10 ecosystem with global reach and local hubs in Switzerland, Singapore, and Spain helps incumbents and new players future-proof their business.

Applications are open until May 28th for F10’s global acceleration program for growth-stage fintech, insurtech, deeptech and regtech startups in Madrid, Zurich and Singapore.

Anthony Palmieri, Chief Business Innovation Officer, HPE Switzerland

Anthony Palmieri

“Joining F10 will help us co-innovate with leading startups in FinTech and InsurTech to bring business innovation to our customers in the financial services industry.


“It’s exactly this combination of disruptive startup innovation with HPE’s global technology leadership and scale that customers need to strengthen their competitive edge.”

says Anthony Palmieri, Chief Business Innovation Officer, HPE Switzerland.

Andreas Iten, Co-Founder F10.

Andreas Iten

“We are excited to welcome HPE Switzerland to the global F10 innovation network and to support them on their innovation journey.


By partnering with HPE, we can offer the startups in our ecosystem access to exciting collaboration and growth opportunities, leveraging the synergies with HPE’s current and future business innovation initiatives,”

said Andreas Iten, Co-Founder of F10.

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