F10’s Alumnus Things Protocol Works on Mobility Project for Eco-friendly Travels

F10’s Alumnus Things Protocol Works on Mobility Project for Eco-friendly Travels

by September 6, 2021

Swiss incubator and accelerator F10’s alumnus Things Protocol announced that it is working on a MobiFi project, a sustainable fintech solution that will reportedly change the way people travel around the world.

The MobiFi project aims at building the next generation Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform to bring together end-users, public and private operators, and other stakeholders such as insurance companies, and marketers to promote eco-friendly travel behaviour.

The idea behind the project is to create a decentralised and sustainable ecosystem and connect mobility service providers with Decentralised Finance (DeFi) in order to help service providers streamline their operations securely and efficiently.

The project also aims to drive mainstream adoption of digital currencies, and accelerate the transition to zero-net carbon journeys through tokenised incentives.

Lisa Sennhauser

Lisa Sennhauser

Things Protocol will be partnering with Lisa Sennhauser, an ex-UBS Managing Director who will bring her experience and leadership skills to this project.

To achieve its vision, the startup chose to collaborate with Lisa due to her vast experience in mentoring and advising many organisations and entrepreneurs.

Additionally, she is an experienced senior finance executive with a proven leadership record, she held leadership positions including C-Suite at Equatex Global (globally regulated financial institution), 16 years at UBS including 5 years as a Managing Director in finance and risk control roles, leading transformation programmes requiring significant cross functional collaboration.

She was previously at Black & Decker US, Emhart Glass Switzerland (Bucher Industries), KPMG both Zurich and Melbourne, and Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Yudi Xu, Project Lead at Things Protocol.

Yudi Xu

“I got to know Lisa from our lovely mentor Katie. At that moment we needed some expertise in the field of financial management, licensing etc, and Lisa just perfectly fits in.


She has years of experience in banking and finance. There is no doubt that Lisa will bring the MobiFi project to a new level in the financial world.”

said Yudi Xu, Project Lead at Things Protocol.

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