J.P. Morgan and Mastercard Launch Pay-by-Bank Service

J.P. Morgan and Mastercard Launch Pay-by-Bank Service

by November 14, 2022

J.P. Morgan Payments and Mastercard have launched Pay-by-Bank to enable consumers to permission their financial data to be shared so they can pay bills directly from their bank account.

The service means that consumers will not need to type in their routing and account information when they make recurrding payments, such as for rent, utilities, tuition, and insurance.

Pay-by-Bank also uses Mastercard’s Smart Payment Decisioning Tools to analyse the best time to initiate the payment based on the bill payer’s historical transaction behavior and risk patterns.

It is being piloted with a small number of US-based billers and merchants this year with plans to expand in 2023.

Max Neukirchen

Max Neukirchen

“Pay-by-Bank reduces the likelihood of unauthorised transactions and frees our clients from the need to retain — and the responsibility to securely maintain — consumer banking information.


We’re delighted to work with Mastercard to offer an attractive, simple and secure Pay-by-Bank solution that gives choice to our clients and their customers who use ACH as their payment mechanism,”

said Max Neukirchen, Head of Payments & Commerce Solutions, J.P. Morgan Payments.

Chiro Aikat, Mastercard Executive Vice President, Product & Engineering, North America.

Chiro Aikat

“Billers and consumers both get greater payment choice, but the partnership also propels payments innovation on two fronts — in the ease of the user experience and in the security of data sharing,”

said Chiro Aikat, Executive Vice President, Merchants & Acceptance, Mastercard North America.

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